Walter De Marco

A Canadian Italian, is a teacher and freelance journalist. He has an MA from the University of Buffalo and has published articles on education and culture in many American and Canadian newspapers.

Articles by the author


A family business?

Forget about straight A's, reference letters, academic publications and professional experience. If you want to teach at an Italian university the most important asset is your family tree. Unless you are the child, a relative, or at least the protégé of a university professor, your chances


Brain busters

You would think that someone who spent years at a university doing graduate research deserves his or her achievement to be recognized with a diploma. If the work is deemed inadequate, the student deserves an explanation. However, some doctoral students in Italy complain that their careers have been ended by


Who wants to be a professore?

If you’ve lived in Italy long enough, or if you have ever seen ‘Ciao, Professore!’, directed by Lina Wertmuller, you know that professore (masculine) and professoressa (feminine) mean not only ‘professor’, but also a middle- or secondary-school teacher.   Antonella Gatto, an Italian-


Higher ed-spresso

Studying in Florence may sound tremendously alluring to ambitious students from elsewhere, enthused by the thought of living in a city that has bred some of the world’s foremost artists and thinkers of all time. Yet not everyone is aware of the challenges faced by University of Florence