Best events in Florence this week February 23-March 2 2023

Here’s our round-up for February 23-March 2

A week of films, dance and exhibitions offers a promising start to the new month.

February 24-February 26


Danzafinfiera is the ultimate event for any dancer. A weekend brimming with workshops, competitions and performances for all styles of dance. The experience will also promise an exhibition to shop dance products and attend fashion shows centered around the newest trends in the world of dance. For anyone who has been dancing their entire lives or looking to pick up a new hobby, this is the place to get your body in motion.

February 25-26

Klondike film screening

Cinema Astra screens Klondike, a film by Ukrainian director Maryna Er Gorbach, who will be in attendance at the event. This award-winning film takes place in the small village of Hrabove, on the Russian-Ukrainian border in the year of 2014. The film centers around the story of Irka and Tolik, who are pregnant with their first child as they face Russian occupation and a perishing living situation. A story that is relevant now more than ever, the screenings will be in the original language with Italian subtitles.

March 2 + 14

Cinema Astra new film screenings

The weather at this time of the year always makes for a perfect movie night. Cinema Astra screens Academy award-winning director Sam Mendes’ film Empire of Light starring Olivia Colman, Michael Ward and Colin Firth. The screenings will be in English with Italian subtitles. Also screening this month is the silent documentary Amante Sponde, which was presented at both the Rome and Turin film festivals. This documentary presents striking geophysical imagery of various parts of Europe backlit by a dreamlike soundtrack.

Until March 10

LdM gallery opening

Giulia Seri presents her exhibition Amduat at the LdM gallery at Istituto Lorenzo de Medici. Her works involve fragile and expressive figures that reflect mythological references uncovering the fragility of human existence while contrasting with the delicate materials and tones she uses. On Wednesday, March 1, Giulia Seri sits down with egyptologist Valentina Santini and art curator Spela Zidar to discuss the works.



March 2- April 22

Materia Prima Festival

The tenth edition of this contemporary theater festival is back with a new program of performances. Known for bringing to the stage international artists, award-winning actors and emerging young performers, this festival nurtures the relationship between theater and community. Performances will be held throughout the city with the primary language being Italian.

March 2- June 4

La ricerca dell'assoluto/L'origine du monde

A double exhibition presenting the works of Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti and Argentine/Italian painter Lucio Fontana. These works together will create an important dialogue between two international powerhouses of 20th century art in one space.

Until March 3

Mezzo Secolo per Firenze

Celebrating their 50 year anniversary, the Bandierai degli Uffizi presents an exhibition for guests to take a journey throughout the history of the group. This historical Florentine institution is seen at several local and international events including Calcio Storico. Their intention is to keep the ancient traditions alive all the way down to dressing in traditional 16th century garb. This exhibition will allow visitors to get up close and personal to true Italian history.

Until March 2

Memory Effect

This is an exhibition co-produced by MAD Murate Art District and The Recovery Plan. It consisting of four installations by artists Binta Diaw, Nexcyia, Bocar Niang and Lerato Shadi using mediums of performance, sound and traditional art installations. Each of the installations are site-specific and create a cohesive experience for the viewer with works centering around technology, data collection and memory.

February 4,12,16,19,21,25


The coastal town of Viareggio brightens up the gloomy winter months with a celebration of the Italian Carnevale. Extravagant masks, satirical parade floats and costumed affairs are only part of the fun. This year, Viareggio celebrates the 150th anniversary of the beloved parade.

26 January 2023 - 28 February 2023

Sauro Cavallini- L'Opera di un internato

This show at Palazzo Strozzi Sacrato (piazza Duomo) features 16 of the artist Sauro Cavallini’s iron and brass sculptural works, in collaboration with Fondazione Fossoli and Prato’s Deportation Museum.