Best events in Florence this week February 9-16-2023

Here’s our round-up for February 9-16

Cupid is armed and ready with plenty of Valentine’s day ideas. Whether you’re single and ready to mingle, crazy in love, or still need to DTR, enjoy the day of love whilst out and about in the city.

10 February 2023

Siamo (We Are)

This event is jointly organized by the Comune of Florence, the U.S. Consulate in Florence, Soul of Nations and The Recovery Plan in honor of Black History Month. Serving as a celebration and reminder that Black history, culture, and stories are essential to the American story and in essence,  are American culture. The evening will start off with a photo exhibition by Binta Diaw and Katrina Andry and continue on with a series of presentations centering Afro-Italians, migrant issues, and the LGBTQA+ community. These discussions are followed by an interactive Q+A that audiences are welcomed to participate in. There is no RSVP required, the event is free to attend, and the working language of the event is Italian.

11 February 2023 - 25 March 2023


Jerusalem-born and Denmark-based artist Amitai Romm presents an exhibition at Veda space. Investigating the connection between technology, nature and, art, this is an exhibition of sculptures paired with drawings that were integral to Romm’s research. Critical text by Nanna Friis will accompany the sculptural and drawing works.

11 February 2023

Carnevale parade in Florence

After two years of failed attempts due to the pandemic, Florence is finally able to throw its hat in the ring with its own celebration of Carnevale. A grand parade will march throughout the city center beginning at Piazza Santa Maria Novella and ending at Piazza della Signoria. The affair will fluster the streets with typical masks and sweets and true Carnevale veterans such as Arlecchino and Stenterello will make an appearance. This event is free for the whole community to enjoy.

11 February 2023 - 14 February 2023

Run for love

Run for love with the one you love. Meyer children’s hospital is hosting a four day fun run for you and your favorite jogging partner. All of the proceeds go directly to the Meyer children’s hospital to provide fun activities and entertainment for young patients during their hospital stay. Donations are 9 euros per person (18 euros per couple) and participants are free to tackle the run whenever they would like, at whatever pace they would like between February 11-14.

12 February 2023

Chianti Lovers & Rosso Morellino

The grapes have been stomped and the bottles have been sealed. Wine lovers and connoisseurs assemble for this event dedicated Chianti wine. Participants will have the chance to taste wines from over 400 labels out of 120 different wineries. You can buy Tickets here.

12 February 2023

The Big Game

Spending the big game in the Renaissance city? Put the ESPN highlights away and watch the game in style at the Hard Rock Cafe on Via Brunelleschi 1 – wings and all. Wall to wall TV’s ready to capture every dance move, firework, and guest performer (Oh, we’re just talking about Rihanna’s much anticipated half-time show). Catch all of the tackles, touch towns, and tears as State Farm stadium lights up the Arizona city for a match not to miss. Accompanying the night, the Florence Dance Center will perform a routine to get everyone in the spirits and a special menu will be offered starting at 11:00pm in preparation for the official live streaming at 12:00am. Reservations are first come first serve.

12 February 2023 - 22 February 2023

La traviata

A modernized reinterpretation of the Giuseppe Verdi classic. Maggio Musicale Fiorentino hosts the 19th century operatic masterpiece with a twist. Following the forbidden love between Violetta and Alfredo, this rendition of La Traviata takes place in the 1960’s, promising a fun filled performance with go-go boots and good vibes.

14 February 2023

Chianti Classico Collection

Another traditional wine event dedicated to Chianti. This year, presenting the new Gallo Nero vintages and the Additional Geographical Units. These two days are dedicated to true wine connoisseurs working in the field with the opportunity to meet over 200 producers and have a taste of over 700 Gallo Nero wines: Chianti Classico vintage, Riserva and Gran Selezione, Vin Santo del Chianti Classico, and Chianti Classico DOP Olive Oil.

14 February 2023

Mai Mute

The second date of Cinema La Compagnia’s Mai Mute series lands on Valentine’s Day. This year’s festival examines romantic love in relation to intersecting themes such as gendered violence, the roots and myths of female representation, and sexual/emotional relations. Created by Cinematografica, Mai Mute acts as a space to create dialogue centered around feminist cinema. The event will feature a discussion with various guests followed by a screening of The End of Love directed by Mark Webber.

16 February 2023

Fat Thursday

Get the party going at the Hard Rock Cafe in proper Carnevale style. Come dressed in your favorite character or masquerade disguise and be ready to dance the night away. The band 2000’s Rock Party will take the stage and pump up the night with a live music performance to keep everyone on their toes.

16 February 2023 - 21 February 2023

Carnival concert

In celebration of the traditional Italian Carnevale, Orchestra della Toscana performs a concert conducted by Diego Ceretta. Violinist Giuseppe Gibboni is accompanied by Orchestra della Toscana as they play through Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky, and other well-known musical composers.

February 2 + 16

Sequence Shot film festival

25 Hours opens the atmospheric Cinema Paradiso for a string of interactive film competitions. Starting with the Longtake edition on February 2 and following on the February 16 with the Monochrome, audiences will have the opportunity to view a series of docu-films and participate in an audience evaluation of the films.

Until March 2

Memory Effect

This is an exhibiton co-produced by MAD Murate Art District and The Recovery Plan. It consisting of four installations by artists Binta Diaw, Nexcyia, Bocar Niang and Lerato Shadi using mediums of performance, sound, and traditional art installations. Each of the installations are site specific create a cohesive experience for the viewer with works centering around technology, data collection, and memory.

February 10-12
Classical Music

Florence International Music and Arts festival

The Il Trillo Music School and Firenze International Arts Expo, directed by the tenor Cigon Kim, present the 2023 edition of the festival dedicated to traditional Korean and European music.
During the festival, classical and modern music masterclasses alternate with music therapy training sessions held by school teachers and guest teachers, design courses and art exhibitions.

The event is sponsored by the Municipality of Florence, by the center of the Florentine Cultural Associations, by the Foyer Amici della Lirica and by the Italian Association of Music Schools in Tuscany.

Until May 7

Eleanora di Toledo

Pitti Palace honors sixteenth century Duchess of Florence Eleanora di Toledo with a grand exhibition at Pitti Palace. Among her many achievements, she was  known for her trendsetting fashion sense and excellent managerial skills. She also played a fundamental role in the Medici court and dedicated much of her patronage to the Boboli Gardens.

Until March 19

Carlo Levi a Firenze- A year of life underground

An exhibition dedicated to the Turin-born antifascist Carlo Levi who spent a year in Florence between 1941-1945 during Nazi occupation. Thirty four works will be featured including a replica of the famous Luciana-61. Many of these other works were portraits of the important people in his life such as his mother and companions but others also portray some of what he witnessed during his trips to southern Italy and the atrocities people faced there.

Until February 18

By message in a collage

Grab a burger and take a look around for this collage art exhibition at Reburger curated by Giulia Masini and Sara Parolini. The artist will join Reburger on February 2+16.

February 4,12,16,19,21,25


The coastal town of Viareggio brightens up the gloomy winter months with a celebration of the Italian Carnevale. Extravagant masks, satirical parade floats, and costumed affairs are only part of the fun. This year, Viareggio celebrates the 150th anniversary of the beloved parade.

8 February 2023 - 11 February 2023

Alice in Wonderland

Lewis Carroll’s most treasured story comes to life on stage at Teatro Verdi with a performance of the zany and whimsical tale. Little Alice takes a tea-induced journey through wonderland, making a plentiful of funky friends to ensure her adventure is an interesting one. Orchestra della Toscana will provide a musical back drop for this fantastical affair. All performances are in Italian.

26 January 2023 - 28 February 2023

Sauro Cavallini- L'Opera di un internato

This show at Palazzo Strozzi Sacrato (piazza Duomo) features 16 of the artist Sauro Cavallini’s iron and brass sculptural works, in collaboration with Fondazione Fossoli and Prato’s Deportation Museum.

Until April 30

Rudolf Levy (1875-1944) Work and exile

An homage to the German expressionist painter Rudolf Levy. Levy was a student of Henri Matisse before fighting in WW1 and eventually travelling his way to Florence where he stayed and painted as a Jew in exile until the German Occupation. From then, he was arrested and deported to Auschwitz. An exhibition dedicated to his life and work, guests have the opportunity to witness 47 of his works that follow his early years in exile all the way to his last years in Florence.