Best events in Florence this week November 9-16, 2023

Here’s our round-up for November 9-16, 2023.

Contemporary cinema sees the spotlight with Lo Schermo dell’Arte, while performances dedicated to social inclusion and sustainability-centred markets also make the line-up.

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10 November 2023 - 12 November 2023

Florence Vintage Market

The bi-annual market raises funds for seriously ill people and their families, with donations going towards Fondazione Italiana di Leniterapia. Held in the stunning palazzo, there’s a vast selection of quality vintage clothing and accessories for the eighth edition of the fashionable affair.

16 November 2023 - 19 November 2023

Green Factory Firenze

Sustainability is at the centre of this environmental-focused fest with workshops and talks around the circular economy taking place in the greenhouse venue. Installations, performances and kids’ activities prompt reflection on how to protect the planet.

15 November 2023 - 19 November 2023

Lo Schermo dell'Arte

The contemporary cinema and art festival directed by Silvia Lucchesi sees over 30 screenings, including world and Italian premieres, attended by special guests. The opening night will be led by Lebanese artist Rabih Mroué, investigating the dramatically relevant theme of the representation of the violence and horror of war mediated by screens and the web. A focus of the festival will be Guido van der Werve with the Italian premiere of his first autobiographical feature film. There will be an homage to Diego Marcon, linked to his ongoing solo exhibition at the Luigi Pecci Contemporary Art Centre in Prato, and The Magic Mountain by Micol Roubini goes on show at the Strozzina in Palazzo Strozzi on November 13. The series will come to a close with Vasilis Katsoupis’ Inside with Willem Dafoe, a psycho-thriller centred on international contemporary artists’ works curated for the film by Leonardo Bigazzi.

11 November 2023 - 12 November 2023

Viva Vittoria Firenze

The American International League of Florence raises awareness of violence against women by covering piazza Santa Croce with over 3,500 crocheted and knitted blankets, selling the blankets to raise monies for relevant charities. Minimum donation of 20 euro.

Until January 28

Giovanni Ozzola 'Senza te, senza nord, senza titolo'

Slate sculptures, prints on paper and videos form a single installation that recounts more than ten years of the artist’s work. Giovanni Ozzola (Florence, 1982) presents an exhibition project that interprets urban regeneration, with light and darkness playing key roles in communicating his message.

November 12+19


The piazzas are populated with products from small-scale organic farmers, local craftsmanship and all kinds of natural treats, with piazza del Carmine holding the fair every second Sunday, and piazza Santo Spirito taking its turn every third Sunday of the month.

12 November 2023

Stendhal stand-art – Only Usato Market

Dedicated to emerging artists, art, fashion and artisans meet in the creativity showcase titled ‘Stendhal stand-art’ that gives creators the opportunity to share their talents and passion with others, taking place in conjunction with the Only Usato Market, host to curated vintage and secondhand items.

11 November 2023

Gold 20th birthday

Gold celebrates its 20th birthday with a free-entry event open to all at The Social Hub Florence. Boosta, Luca Barcellona and DJ Craim are among the exclusive guests Florence, with multimedia content highlighting the history of Gold.

Until November 23


Dance, performances, and workshops dedicated to social inclusion and cultural participation take place in various venues of Quartieri 1, 4 and 5. Inspired by Komerebi, the Japanese word for the sunlight that dances among the leaves of the trees, the autumn festival created by Stazione Utopia creates new cultural experiences with free admission.

12 November 2023

Salonette Groovy Night

Sandra Melzner meets Elena Pontil, Florence based event organiser and DJ, for a Salonette night with a focus on music and volcanic wine. The intriguing wine selection for the evening will be curated by Laura and Andrea, accompanied by organic bites.

Until January 21

Viaggio di Luce

Works by Claudio Parmiggiani and Abel Herrero come to the historic space as part of a project by Museo Novecento, curated by Sergio Risaliti. The two artists of distant origins are united by mutual poetics and sensitivities, with four boats gliding towards a distant, unattainable destination (or perhaps moving towards a new land) proving a highlight of the show.

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