Best events in Florence this week October 19-26, 2023

Here’s our round-up for October 19-26, 2023.

The Uffizi Gallery welcomes works by Paolo Conte and Museo Stibbert displays a lavish show on European interiors. Here’s your best events line-up.

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6 October 2023 - 5 May 2024

Così Lontani, così vicini

Organized in collaboration with the Alinari photography foundation, images and oriental art objects collected by Frederick Stibbert detail the fascination for exotism in European interiors from the mid-19th century through to today.

20 October 2023

ABC, Alice's Book Club

Book lovers rejoice as a new book club kicks off at the Alice Bookstore located in The Social Hub (viale Spartaco Lavagnini 70). Every third Friday of the month, the group will gather at the eclectic bookstore to chat about the chosen tome, read in whatever language participants prefer. English and Italian are freely mixed, and the book of the month can be purchased either on site or wherever is easiest.  The first meeting takes place at 9pm on October 20, where a glass of wine or a cocktail can be sipped while exchanging views. This month’s choice is Strangers I Know by Claudia Durastanti (La Straniera, in Italian), with next month’s book to be chosen together.

Every Thursday from 6-8.30pm

Art in Mixology

Head to Irene at Hotel Savoy from 6-8.30pm on Thursday nights and discover how head barman Federico Galli reinterprets art in Florence in the form of cocktails. The signature drinks have been inspired by artists such as Antonio Signorini, Olafur Eliasson and Igor Mitoraj, with a matching menu and live music. For information call 055 2735891 or email

19 October 2023

Buon Cibo per Tutt*

Good Food For All is the name of this food distribution for the community event in piazza Tasso, run by the association Buon Cibo per Tutt*. It’s the launch event in Florence as part of the international campaign #Universalplate led by the Social Gastronomy Movement, offering nutritious meals to those in difficult circumstances.

Until January 7

Paolo Conte - Nostalgia di un golf, un dolcissimo golf di lana blu

69 drawings by Paolo Conte made from the 1970s through to today will be on display until January 7 in the newly inaugurated graphic art rooms. Upon completion, ‘Autoritratto di un pirla’ (Self portrait of an idiot) (1978) will be donated to the gallery.

19 October 2023 - 14 January 2024

Marsilio Ficino – Un umanista e l’immaginario di un’epoca

Marking the 590th anniversary of Marcello Ficino, Palazzo Pretorio in Figline e Incisa Valdarno hosts 18 works, including paintings, sculptures and manuscripts as well as multimedia installations, which explore his life and themes.

19 October 2023

Rossella Levi

Rossella Levi will read from Fra Storia e Memoria: Una Famiglia Ebraica Triestina dal 1938 al Secondo Dopoguerra alongside English translations by Johanna Bishop on October 19 at 5pm in the Reading Room (Salone di Lettura), with an introduction by library director Luca Faldi, the director of the library.

18 October 2023 - 22 October 2023

Florence Queer Festival

Founded in 2022, the fest is the largest film event of its kind in Italy, with a vast programme of films focusing on LGBTQIA+ issues. From cinema and video to theatre, photography and literature, the line-up is always interesting.

21 October 2023

Next Generation Fest

Gen Z take note! There’s a dedicated festival to Generation Z with guests, singers, YouTubers, performers and more in programming that forms part of the European Year of Skills, promoted by the European Commission. The event also provides an opportunity to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Italian Constitution, focusing on issues such as the right to work, the importance of respecting freedoms and human rights.

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