Best events in Florence this week October 5-12, 2023

Here’s our round-up for October 5-12, 2023.

October 7 marks Contemporary Art Day, with Museo Novecento and Museo Marino Marini among Florence’s contemporary culture spots. Families take note: October 8 is ‘Families at the Museum Day‘, with Muse hosting workshops at Palazzo Medici Riccardi and Palazzo Vecchio, and many other museums organizing family fun too. Share your events with The

28 September 2023 - 8 October 2023

Florence Art Week

32 venues host 44 events involving 29 cultural institutions as the city’s museums, galleries and more pack with an incredible array of displays. With venues such as the Uffizi Galleries, Museo Novecento, Palazzo Medici Riccardi, Istituto degli Innocenti and MAD Murate Art District included in the intriguing calendar, high-calibre exhibitions spread across Florence, with rare opportunities such as the Ferragamo Archives opening up to the public.

6 October 2023 - 12 December 2023

50 Days of Cinema

Nine international festivals over two months confirm Florence’s status as a city that celebrates cinema, with a wide variety of films delighting fans.

La Città che Gioca

To celebrate Dreoni toy store’s 100-year anniversary, the store on via Cavour displays an exhibition on vintage toys, with a free admission party from 10am to 7pm on October 7-8, at via the Carrozze Gallery, with play activities, challenges, shows and workshops to entertain all ages.

7 October 2023 - 8 October 2023

International Ceramics Fair

Exhibitors from all over Europe gather to honour the ancient art of ceramics. The international fair with contemporary works includes functional ware, decorative objects, sculpture and jewellery. Ceramists will also lead workshops for children, with no shortage of organic food and wine stalls.

7 October 2023 - 4 February 2024

Anish Kapoor - Untrue Unreal

On display from October 7 to February 4, the Untrue Unreal exhibition sees some of Kapoor’s previous work take on new meaning in the historic setting, alongside more recent work that expresses his characteristic themes of dualism and the blurring of boundaries. Various media are used in the diverse sculptures featuring a range of materials, from steel and stone to wax and silicone. Sculpture and environment overlap in an immersive experience that invites a questioning of perceptions of physical reality and proposes to transcend materiality, with visitors compelled to question their senses.

7 October 2023 - 11 March 2024

Nathaniel Mary Quinn - Split Face

Known for his pictorial portraits created with a decomposed style and collage typical of the avant-garde, works by Nathaniel Mary Quinn (Chicago, 1977) come to the Stefano Bardini Museum and Museo Novecento, offering visitors the chance to discover the paintings alongside Florentine Renaissance portraiture and 20th century Italian masters.

8 October 2023

Firenze Sake Day

The third edition of Firenze Sake Day takes place from 11am to 9pm on October 8, with an in-depth event around the history and culture of Japanese drinks. With tastings of Sake, Shochu, Awamori and Whiskey, there will be masterclasses and talks all day long.

5 October 2023 - 8 October 2023

Internet Festival

The 13th edition of the Internet Festival investigates the impact of the digital world on contemporary society. Dozens of events in over 20 different locations in Pisa feature speakers from all over the world with digital art, drones, interactive spaces and installations exploring all things digital.

Until October 11

CRACKING THE CODE: The Decipherment of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs

The LdM gallery hosts a temporary exhibition in collaboration with Camnes (Center for Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies), on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the official discovery of how to decode the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. Consisting of 19 images and a multimedia station, each image has a scannable QR code to enhance the educational experience.

National Day of Historic Italian Hospitals

To mark the National Day of Italian Historic Hospitals, take advantage of the rare opportunity to participate in free guided tours of the Santa Maria Nuova and San Salvi hospitals. As well as the tours, there will be concerts and walks, aimed at convserving and promoting the artistic, historical, cultural and architectural heritage.

5 October 2023

Meet the Artists Opera Recital

Welcome the incoming Mascarade artists at Palazzo Corsini al Prato with a Meet the Artists Opera Recital on October 5. The varied programme spans traditional music to much-loved arias, with tickets giving access to the foundation and the spectacular Corsini Gardens from 6pm, with a glass of wine. Starting at 7pm, the concert lasts 60 minutes, with tickets purchasable at The artists performing are: Luiza Willert, soprano (Brazil), Sarah Hakobyan, mezzo soprano (Armenia), Yuchen Pan, tenor (China), Daniils Kuzmins, baritone (Latvia), Gabriel Klitzing, bass baritone (Germany), Hovhannes Karaketyan, bass (Armenia), Avishka Ederisinghe, piano (UK/Sri Lanka) and Megumi Hata, piano (Japan).


6 October 2023 - 31 October 2023

Firenze Anima Giovane

From October 6-21, five free workshops in various parks and piazzas look at hip hop, skate, street art, comics and podcasts, with a grand finale at the Teatro del Maggio from October 28-31, with three days dedicated to presenting the results of the workshops, with well-known special guests. The initiative is aimed at young people between 12-20 years old, but it is open to all. Free registration required

7 October 2023 - 7 January 2024

Federigo Angeli

The exhibition dedicated to Federigo Angeli (1891-1952) and the revival of the Florentine Renaissance in the 20th century will be inaugurated on October 7 at Palazzo Medici Riccardi. Curated by Francesca Baldry and Daniela Magnetti, the display centres around two paintings by Angeli, with extensive research carried out by various art historians and institutions including Il Palmerino association, making it possible to reconstruct the journey of the two paintings. The canvases can be directly traced to the cycle of frescoes painted by Benozzo Gozzoli for the Chapel of the Magi in Palazzo Medici Riccardi between approximately 1459 and 1464.

10 October 2023 - 15 October 2023

Middle East Now

Cinema, documentaries, photography, comics, music, food and more bring audiences closer to the Middle East in the 14th edition of the festival. Highlights include the Landing exhibition by Palestinian photographer and skater Maen Hammad at the Museo Novecento from October 14 to November 29, with special guest Saghar Setareh presenting her book Pomegranates & Artichokes: A Food Journey from Iran to Italy as part of the programme.

5 October 2023 - 8 October 2023

FánHuā Chinese Film Festival

The third edition of the fest features varied activities and workshops, from tai chi to tea ceremonies, with participation in Confucius Institute Day on September 30. The title means varieties of blooming flowers, giving rise to screenings of everything from Chinese science fiction to animation by Liu Jian.

Until February 4

Diego Marcon – Glassa

Bordering between cinema and visual arts, the works by Marcon investigate the relationship between reality and moving images, with the title chosen to reflect a combination of confectionary sweetness and ice-cold.

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