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Stay healthy, stay strong

In a world of fast pace work, special projects, and constant stimuli from social media, perhaps the best way to ground yourself is to concentrate on becoming a better version of you by beginning with a moment just for you. At Studio Seven we propose a slow pace activity with a specific time slot that we offer for you. Studio Seven is a place where you will turn off your electronic devices and allow yourself to disappear into a world where you will re-establish a balance within your physical, mental and emotional self.

At Studio Seven you will be assigned a dedicated licensed trainer, you will make use of the latest technological equipment the market has to offer, you will find a clean and well lighted area with easy access even for those that need to recuperate after major physical setbacks (wheelchair access), you will enjoy free parking and, finally, make use of the amenities of a shower and changing room so you may head out to work without having to stop back home or go out for your evening with friends. We believe you need to regenerate your body before you can be most efficient with your mind because as the Romans used to say: Mens Sana in Corpore Sano (and they knew full well what they were talking about!)

You can find us located in an area near the Ponte All’Indiano which is at a short distance from the city centre but without the hassle of parking issues, traffic, noise, the hoards of tourists or having to pay for parking, or having to deal with over flowing classes. Our environment is also climatized for your benefit. You can always also opt to reach us with city transit or on your bike!

The Story behind this lifestyle which I have the pleasure of calling a job is my best business card! I believe it’s lifestyle indeed and would love to have it become your lifestyle too!

When did this all begin? Well, it’s best that I introduce myself: I am Cosimo Conti, owner of Studio Seven and my area of expertise is with sport sciences with a major in preventive and applied physical activity science, finishing up my degree with honours. I then continued to augment my studies and the knowledge required to give the best of myself, and proceeded to obtain another major in high tech rehabilitation. The first step of my degree was obtained at the University of Florence. The majors were obtained instead at the University of Pisa, finishing up in 2020 with the last of the two. But this “job” is in constant evolution and I keep nurturing myself by keeping abreast of new exercises, techniques and machineries.

But what exactly is sport science and how can it apply to you?

Exercise Science is a broad-reaching degree that prepares students for various health-sciences careers related to health, movement, performance, and rehabilitation. This means that we can deal with physical activity from different angles and adapt the exercises to the specific health issue or goal we wish to achieve. The program we propose will therefore mould itself upon your time frame, your physical condition and your physical needs. The studies IO have done have provided me with a scientific understanding of the exercises which have proven to be fully rewarding in allowing a better quality of life, even reaching the goal of thwarting disease and degeneration. It’s not a magic potion, but it is a way to instil a proper health attitude with important and specific physical activity. The dynamic impulse you will receive from this type of work, together with proper eating and sleeping habits will definitely launch you into 2023 with a new and refreshed version of yourself. But most of all it is what will help you be a strong and healthy version of yourself. It’s a question of your mental and physical integrity, and working towards that goal in tandem with our team will be rewarding for us too. This means looking at the overall picture and then diving into a constant and consistent physical routine that brings you back into our equilibrium.

Sometimes this is a difficult step, I know. But the first step is the one that will open the door of this opportunity for you. Do not pass this up and do not give up the idea that you can be a better version of yourself. I am confident that with patience and determination, we will set you on your righteous path and you will feel like a new person but you will also surprise those around you with your positivity and energy! Wouldn’t you like to be able to achieve more at home with all your family and relatives, be better versed at work with your colleagues, and have more bubble in your evenings out with friends? The perspective will be a 360° change for the better – hands down!

All of these reasons explain why I am confident that the assistance we can give you at our operation centre here at Studio Seven is the best possible service. I believe it is because we have direct understanding of what you need or what your hurdles are, and this is the first step to changing the bad habits that lead make us get up cranky, or lack energy or not function as best as we could.

If I haven’t convinced you yet, then I haven’t reached my goal but I would like to send you this message nonetheless: You are the most precious person for you – so take care of yourself!

Studio Seven is the best place to find the perfect fit for your schedule and for your person.

Try us out! You won’t regret it!