Pasta Class Florence: “Where Pasta is Made with Love”

Pasta Class Florence: “Where Pasta is Made with Love”

Have you ever heard Fellini’s quote, “Life is a combination of magic and pasta”?

Chef Michele Gualtieri, along with Marco Benevento and a team of chefs, have taken this sentiment to heart, creating a culinary experience centered around the wonder of homemade pasta. Pasta Class Florence provides cooking classes that truly immerse you in the essence of Italian tradition.

“I learned everything from my grandma, a true pasta maker from Emilia Romagna,” says Michele. “During our cooking classes, I’ll share every secret to crafting incredible pasta dough. It’s a genuine immersion into the world of pasta, and at the end of the course, we’ll enjoy some delicious plates of pasta!”

With two locations in Florence, Pasta Class offers three distinct cooking classes: The Art of Pasta – Wine Pairing Soiree with Sommelier, The Art of Pasta – Nonna’s Recipes, and The Art of Pasta Nonna’s Recipes & Chianti Wine Adventure.

Via degli Alfani 18r | Florence, 50123 – Italy
Via dell’Agnolo 77r | Florence, 50122 – Italy