To celebrate the launch of high-quality sustainable lifestyle brand, Lady Ripple, a pop-up event will be held in Palazzo San Niccolò. Lady Ripple aims to support small, sustainable businesses and creative forces through their website and their instagram platform, @ladyripple. With every creative collaboration where products are sold, Lady Ripple believes in giving back to the community and so offers a percentage of proceeds to charity.  Their ethos is community over competition, helping others to stage their talents. “We want to give back to humanity in some way, not unlike the Renaissance ideal,” explains Allyson Volpe, co-founder of Lady Ripple along with Laura Shadden. Events commence at 11am, with press meetings in the afternoon and a Mini-Martini cocktail party from 6.30-9.30pm, for which a 20 euro donation for charity is requested. The donations will go towards a Tuscan beekeeper, Fior da Fiore and Friends of Florence for the restoration of a tabernacle.