With speakers Sara Barker (University of Leeds, United Kingdom), Davide Boerio (Medici Archive Project, Florence, Italy), Nicholas Brownlees (University of Florence, Italy), Brenda Hosington (University of Warwick, United Kingdom), Giovanni Iamartino (University of Milan, Italy), Polina Shvanyukova (University of Bergamo, Italy), Stefano Villani (University of Maryland, USA), Alessio Assonitis (Medici Archive Project, Florence), Stefano U. Baldassarri (ISI Florence), Brendan Dooley (University College Cork, Ireland)


9.30: Greetings Stefano Baldassarri (ISI Florence) and Nicholas Brownlees (University of Florence)

9.50: Chair: Stefano Baldassarri
Sara Barker (University of Leeds, United Kingdom): News from Italy (via France) – intermediary languages and news translation in early modern England

10:30: Nicholas Brownlees (University of Florence, Italy): “Translated from Italian” and “tradotto in italiano”: How diplomats and naval commanders use and abuse translation during the Livorno crisis of 1652-1653

14.30: Chair: Brendan Dooley
Brenda Hosington (University of Warwick, United Kingdom): ‘Macheuillian deuices’ and ‘conceit of forreine wit’: John Wolfe’s Four Italian-Related Translated Histories

15.10: Davide Boerio (Medici Archive Project, Florence, Italy): La trasmissione dell’informazione politica tra la penisola italiana e le isole britanniche nel XVII secolo

11.10: Coffee break

11.40: Chair: Alessio Assonitis
Stefano Villani (University of Maryland, USA): Translating a massacre: Jean Baptiste Stouppe’s writings on the Waldensian slaughter of 1655 between propaganda, religion and diplomacy

12.20: Giovanni Iamartino (University of Milan, Italy): The translator as a religious and political polemicist: Pallavicino, Howell and St Paul’s ‘late progress upon earth’

13.00: Lunch break

15.50: Polina Shvanyukova (University of Bergamo, Italy): Translation and cultural content in Italian and English language learning and teaching materials: 1626- 1701

16.30: Round-up



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