One of the biggest mistakes women make in relationships is acting like a man’s wife: cooking, cleaning, laundering, etc.- all before he’s actually made you his wife. I call this being the “mini-wife” or “wifey.”You are not his personal chef, maid service, or dry cleaner. A woman usually does these things in hopes of endearing a man to her or, to show him what a good wife or girlfriend she would be if he were to commit to her. This doesn’t work. In fact the opposite may likely happen: he may start taking you for granted or, he may start to expect you to perform these duties regularly. He may even start to lose respect for you too. I know this sounds counter intuitive but it is reality- men don’t look or process things the same way we women do.What I'm advocating is rationing. I believe there should be certain levels of privilege in relationships. For example, a man you’ve only dated shortly should not have the same privileges as your boyfriend and, your boyfriend should not have the same privileges as your husband- otherwise what’s the point? Make sense? No? Here’s what I mean:You probably shouldn’t be preparing a five course meal for a man you’ve only been on four dates with. Save that for a boyfriend- on his birthday.A boyfriend probably shouldn’t be spending 5-7 nights a week at your house- especially if he has no intention of making a more substantial commitment to you in the near future (and definitely not if he isn’t chipping-in for rent and utilities, LOL).This is where we get into trouble as women and have confused relationship roles. We tend to want to give men the whole cake- and let them eat it too- in the hopes that we’ll get their love and commitment in return. We’ve all been there. But think about it this way: if a man can have all of the privileges of being your husband without having to even call you his girlfriend, what incentive does he have to take the next step?Remember, it’s not the woman who has to prove herself to the man, it’s than who must prove himself to the woman.