Florence’s best juice bars


Monique van Schijndel
May 23, 2013

As the days get longer, the sun shines stronger, and spring comes into full force, beverage-drinkers will instinctively migrate away from warm infusions, put away their hot-cocoa mugs and look for fresher, cooler alternatives. And what could be purer than a glass of fresh, unadulterated fruit or vegetable juice? Going on a vitamin-packed ‘blender bender’ is recommended by nutritionists and health gurus, and luckily for locals, Florence is home to a large number of juice-orientated establishments. Below I explore some of the best places in the city centre to indulge in the pleasure of a glass of freshly squeezed juice.


Many cafés in Florence offer freshly squeezed orange juice, usually taken as part of the Italian breakfast. There are, however, cafés and bars whose raison d’être is to offer a vital juicy vitamin boost to the people of Florence. The following list is not exhaustive: just a running start.



via dell’Oriuolo 26r


This chic juice bar is strategically located at an intersection five minutes’ walk from the Duomo. Lovelife is not simply a juice-dispensing establishment: it embraces a ‘caring’ philosophy towards its customers. The vast variety of fruit on offer is fresh, natural and organic, and the different juices available have specific purposes, from detox to immune-system fortification, or energy boost. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Lovelife has become such a popular attraction that a second outlet has opened in the neighbourhood of Novoli (piazza Spadolini 6).



Piazza di Parte Guelfa

This quaint fruit stall near piazza della Repubblica dispenses smoothies, juices and dairy-based frappes at a modest price. Fruit and vegetables hang from the stall, giving this atmospheric stand something of an endearingly untidy feel. The staff is friendly and keen to offer their juicy suggestions. Its central location and quick turnaround makes Il Ghibellino is the perfect place to grab a juice or a smoothie before you tackle the hustle and bustle of Florence during tourist-season. Open from 10am till late.



Lungarno Torrigiani 11r

Situated on the Oltrarno, overlooking the Ponte Vecchio, Isolaverde boasts an idyllic location in which to sip a glass of freshly made fruit juice. This fruit bar offers an extraordinary array of organic fruit, available in many different formats, from fruit salads to frappes, smoothies, squeezed and centrifuged juices. If you are in need of more solid sustenance, a variety of health-orientated meals will keep hunger at bay whilst keeping down the calories. A loyalty card will offer considerable discounts to juice junkies. Isolaverde is closed from November to March.



via Faenza 21r


For a slightly different type of juice experience, try this peaceful African establishment near the Medici chapels. Along with delicious Ethiopian-style dishes such as couscous and minchet abesh, this restaurant/bar offers some of the most exotic juices available in Florence. The wide variety of fruit is on show, and juices are quickly prepared in front of the customer. The staff is friendly and ready to advise customers unfamiliar with the world of African flavours and aromas. Books and African textiles line the walls of this bohemian establishment, which attracts a diverse and often well-travelled clientele.



via Orti Oricellai 9r

Florence’s vegetarian restaurant par excellence is located near Santa Maria Novella train station. The power of organic nutrition is fully embraced in the ethos of this establishment, which rejects not only meat but also industrially sourced products. The juices are of note, and the different mixtures offered and possibilities for juice blends allow customers to bring their own creativity to the table. As well as the vitamin-packed fluids, you can also reach your five-a-day through the varied food menu, which includes a variety of leafy salads, vegan burgers and fruity desserts. BVeg is well worth a visit, even in the city of the bistecca fiorentina.



via de Servi 8r

A stone’s throw from the Duomo, the modest Veggy Bar offers a healthy alternative to the surrounding snack bars and fast-food outlets. Note the wide variety of vegetables—carrots, celery, and cucumber are just a few—that can be included in your juice. Veggy Bar also offers a variety of healthy meals, from salads and wraps to sandwiches and savoury crepes. While the spatial constraints of this establishment might dissuade the more sedentary juice-lover, this is the perfect place to take away or indulge in a quick bite.

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