Something’s cooking in Florence, and the pot-stirrer behind the scheme is Stefano Bellini, the friendly Italo-American face of Dream Chef.

Bellini grew up in Chicago with an American mother and Italian father, a proud family of restaurateurs. From the thick of his family’s restaurant, he learned the finer points of Italian cuisine, looking beyond checkered tablecloths and Chicago’s famous deep-dish pizza. After years of experience in the high-end catering industry, he now steers the ship at the Renaissance city’s first “Kitchen Incubator”, where he trains would-be chefs, helps entrepreneurial kitchen types hone their product ideas and hosts teambuilding exercises with area groups, all while offering top-notch yet affordable catering services.

Dream Chef
’s Smart Catering services fuse the best elements of Bellini’s dual background. A commitment to innovation and efficiency highlights his American genes, while a laser-sharp focus on quality ingredients and gastronomic integrity could only come from his Italian side. Smart Catering is a service designed for busy people—professionals hosting clients in-office, friends gathering for special occasions, simple singles’ happy hours. Dream Chef’s philosophy is that you don’t have to spend much time or money to have an impressive and satisfying spread. Finger foods, haute cuisine, traditional Italian dishes and coveted international items are all among the offerings. Menus can be customized down to the last detail—but you can leave all the legwork and logistics to Bellini and his friendly, discreet team.

Get a taste of what the Dream Chef approach is about when the company sets up its American-style stand at the upcoming Mostra dell’Artigianato from April 22 to May 1, complete with grilled meats and Tex-Mex.

Visit Dream Chef's website for more information and an updated schedule of cooking courses.


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