Florentinisms: a dictionary of the florentine dialect

Alexandra Lawrence, Francesco Stefanelli
February 10, 2011


A person who is a little dense or naive. There are several variations, including ‘grullerello' and ‘citrullo.'

Example: ‘Ma guarda quel grullo come crede a ogni cosa!'(‘What a dope, that guy will believe anything!')

Lè passato i' bruttaio: Expression to indicate a place with a heavy concentration of unattractive people.

Example: ‘Senti ciccio, qui dev'essere passato i' bruttaio a scaricare un po' di gente! Un se ne salva uno! (‘Listen buddy, the ugly truck must've passed by here to let off some folk! There's not one exception!')


‘Se passa i' bruttaio li porta via tutti!'

(‘If the ugly truck comes by, it'll take everyone with it!')


C'è lo scivolo

A gathering place for weirdos or ‘grulli.' ‘Scivolo' means ‘slide'-the idea being that strange people all congregate in the place they landed after they went down the slide. In English, we use the term ‘black hole,' which corresponds to the Florentine ‘questo posto fa buca!', again emphasizing the idea that all of the oddballs gather in one place.

Example: ‘Ma icchè c'è lo scivolo qui? Un ce nè uno normale!' (‘What is this? A black hole or something? There isn't a normal one in the bunch!')

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