The most beautiful car race returns to Florence

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May 10, 2012

Defined by Enzo Ferrari as 'the world's greatest road race,' the Mille Miglia ('Thousand Miles') features 375 vintage cars on the road from Brescia to Rome. It will leave Brescia on May 17 and tour through six regions, including Tuscany, to Rome and back in 36 hours. This year the race celebrates its 30th anniversary of the recreation of the historic Mille Miglia. Originally a high-speed race, the current race is a tribute to the world's finest vintage cars, many of which raced in the event before it was suspended in 1957.


After six years, the Mille Miglia will take the historic via Cassia once again through Tuscany in the third and final stage of the race. After roaring through Radicofani Buonconvento and Siena, and the towns of Querciagrossa, Castellina in Chianti, San Donato in Poggio, Sambuca, it will take the Cassia at Bargino and from there drive to San Casciano Val di Pesa, where for the first time, competitors will stop for refreshments. From there, it continues to Florence, from Scopeti, Faltignano, Chiesanuova, and then along the Volterrana toward Giogoli, Le Gore and Galluzzo.

  From its inception in the late 1920's, when it was still an endurance race, the Mille Miglia has featured the greatest stars of automobiles. Alfa Romeo, the brand with the most absolute victories, the unrivaled Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, BMW, Porsche and FIAT will return to "the most beautiful race in the world" in a display of their historic elegance and power.


To participate in this world-class auto event, cars must pass a rigorous selection process based on their historic, sport and technical characteristics. The car must also be entirely original with precedence given to vintage cars that have previously raced in the Mille Maglia from 1927-1957. One of the most stand out gems of these "original" cars is the 1932 Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Mille Miglia which the Borzacchini-Amedeo team raced to victory in a Touring Spyder model 80 years ago.


For years, the official sponsor of the Mille Miglia has been Stefano Ricci, whose luxury and exclusive collections embody the same quality of the Mille Miglia brand. As a boy, Stefano Ricci would watch as the cars of the Mille Miglia raced through Florence and has bequeathed his passion for the high-speed beauties to his sons, Niccolo and Filippo. Today, Stefano Ricci is also the sponsor of the Stefano Ricci Gentlemen Drivers Trophy which is awarded to teams whose attire, accessories and style match the classic style and elegance of the legendary cars they drive.

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