Welcome to Firenze

Rose Mackworth-Young
September 13, 2012

So you've made it to bella Italia, the land of pizza and gelato, where the sun always shines, no one ever stops talking or pays their taxes, and lovelorn Romeos call out ‘Buongiorno principessa!' to their sweethearts. While the country may not live up to all its stereotypes, you are sure to be in for a culture shock. The Florentine is here to help you transform this city of artistic treasures, gastronomic delights and locals who babble away at a thousand miles an hour, into your home. We can help you discover the markets and the secret bakeries, figure out the mysteries of the train system, give you tips on good deals and student discounts, and most importantly, help you get off the tourist track and experience the real Florence. Check out the section ‘Students in Florence' at www.theflorentine.net for this and much more. Keep up by reading each issue online or in print: you'll find copies of TF at one of our 150 distribution points (see back page). Last but not least, the conversation continues on Facebook (www.facebook.com/tfnews) and Twitter (@theflorentine)!



Don't miss it!

Welcome Day at Palazzo Vecchio is the city's traditional welcome to the thousands of American students who flock here every fall.

This year it will be held on September 26 at 5:30pm. Learn more about Welcome Day on page 12 in our interview with Andrea Davis, co- president of the Tuscan American Association (www.toscanausa.org).



This cover image was part of a student graphic design project led by professor at IED, Alessandro Capellaro. Students submitted covers to The Florentine. This cover, by Irene Torresi (www.irenetorresi.com) was chosen for this issue. TF staff thanks all of the student who participated.

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