Go Nordic!

Active Florence

Kaylee Denmead
February 5, 2015

You might be surprised the first time you catch someone power walking along the Arno with a ski pole in each hand and a look of determination on his or her face. A combination of cross-country skiing and hiking, Nordic walking is now a popular activity in Florence. Providing a full-body tone-up, it is the perfect exercise to keep you moving during the crisp winter months as well as all year round.


Taking a ski pole in each hand and planting it firmly in the ground with each step upgrades a walk to an effective exercise routine that can burn between 20 and 45 percent more calories than a normal brisk walk. Formally defined in 1979, Nordic walking tones the arms, shoulders and abs while also exercising the chest and back.


Want to start, but don’t know where or how? The Italian School of Nordic Walking offers courses that range from basic to advanced, as well as covering the physical and technical aspects of the sport. The school provides the poles for lessons.


As you perfect your form, you can walk your way to fitness through the many parks in and around Florence. You can also walk with a group: the school, which often organizes weekend outings, also meets every Wednesday in piazza del Duomo at 7:30pm. For more information, visit www.nordicwalkingfirenze.it.

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