FIT students end the semester in style

Stibbert Museum hosts final projects

Kaylee Denmead
April 30, 2015

Students from the Fashion Institute of Technology’s Florence study abroad program will present their final projects on Wednesday, April 29 at 5pm at the Stibbert Museum. These second year fashion design students are graduating with their Associate degrees this spring, after spending either one semester or one year in Italy.

The exhibition, called 'Divergent Connections,' takes its inspiration primarily from the venue itself, demonstrating how a single, unified location can generate varied ideas and interpretations. Students were tasked with creating two garments: one with an emphasis on ergonomics and structure and another focused on fluidity. A panel of judges was tasked with deciding which students would show one or both of their garments at the much-anticipated exhibition. Both Ferruccio Ferragamo and Massimiliano Giornetti, creative director of Ferragamo, are expected to attend the exhibition to support these young designers, launching their fashion design careers in Florence. The garments will be displayed among the many artifacts already in the museum, creating an inspirational mix of old and new. ‘Divergent Connections’ will remain open to the public until Monday, May 11. 




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