All eyes on you: American women in Florence

Creative Campus tackles cultural perceptions through variety of media

Mollie Loiselle
March 12, 2009

Creative Campus is a student organization that works in conjunction with Florence International Theatre Company to allow time and place for Italian and American students to meet and work together through planning creative projects that benefit the community and draw awareness to key issues going on in Florence and around the world. With its innovative approach to nighttime entertainment, the organization offers a chance to learn about other cultures and create an intimate and positive rapport with the city.


Taking center stage on March 18 will be Creative Campus' latest endeavor: All Eyes On You, a booklet produced by the Artemisia Association, to be celebrated with an evening of art and music, poetry and performance created entirely by students of several university programs here in Florence. The booklet is a resource for American students to help them understand the environment and culture of the city so that they can better protect themselves during their time here.


Often unspoken or undocumented, violence against women does happen in Florence. The risk of violence is predominantly related to Florence's nightlife, where the behavior of many study abroad students is in stark contrast with Italian culture. This negative culture clash has created a communication barrier between Americans and Italians-greatly fueled by stereotypes.


The booklet includes personal accounts of young American women who share their testimonies for incoming students, along with tips on being safe and emergency contact numbers. The hope is to provide American students, women in particular, with compelling facts and important resources to help avoid conduct that puts them at risk during their stay in Florence.


The evening includes an art exhibit, collaborative art piece, spoken word, live music and a student documentary of both American and Italian viewpoints on the cultural perceptions on life and behavior in Florence-celebrating the experience of Italy, blending of cultural perspectives, gathering artists of all kinds, creating art that speaks to the issues of violence against women and cultural discontinuity. The students hope this experience will help dissolve existing stereotypes, open barriers of cross-cultural communication, and help alleviate potentially dangerous situations caused by cultural misunderstandings.



Creative Campus presents all eyes on you

March18 at 9pm to 12am

Casa della Creatività, Vicolo di Santa Maria Maggiore, 1

Students interested in volunteering for the event should e-mail [email protected] or call 055/213788.

Art and ideas for the show will be accepted through Friday, March 13.

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