Renewable Tuscany

Editorial Staff
November 18, 2010



With the goal of making 50 percent of Tuscany's energy eco-sustainable, 1,200 projects were recently set in motion. Following a seminar, ‘Tuscany and USA: Collaborating for a Cleaner Future,' president of the Tuscan Region, Enrico Rossi, declared his goal of doubling the use of electric energy from renewable sources in Tuscany. ‘We want to focus on the attractiveness of the territory for investment,' said Rossi.


Introducing the projects, he explained: ‘Today in Tuscany, we import 25 percent of our energy. Of the 75 percent we produce in the region, 47 percent of it comes from fossil sources and 28 percent from renewable sources. The objective is to double the use of renewable electric energy, which would preclude our need for nuclear power, as well. The region is ready to do its part; a portion of the 53,000,000 euro allotted to energy will assist these 1,200 programs, and we'll also begin a 250 million euro capital campaign.'


Geothermal science will be an important aspect of energy in politics in the future. Tuscany is the first region to use this resource, with more than five billion kilowatts of geothermal energy produced yearly in 32 centres, a number soon to increase. Green Enel Power will work with local businesses to establish industrial complexes capable of using geothermal heat in sectors such as food farming.


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