Tuscany says ‘no nuclear’

President Rossi prefers renewable energy

Editorial Staff
March 24, 2011

After the tragedy in Japan, the national government should take the time to rethink its plans to build new nuclear power plants. It should not make any decisions before the results of the referendum,' said Enrico Rossi, president of the Tuscan Region, during a recent radio interview with Milan's Radio Popolare station.


‘After the events in Fukushima, a period of reflection is needed. We need to invest more consciously in new forms of renewable energy: solar, wind, and geothermal. On June 12, Italians will vote in a referendum on nuclear energy. The majority government tried to schedule it closer to the summer, so it would not coincide with the administrative elections in hopes of getting a low turnout. But at this point, after the Japanese tragedy, I believe that many citizens will vote and they will do so consciously. Surveys suggest that the majority is against nuclear power,' Rossi explained.

Rossi also gave a failing grade to Italy's national energy plan because it does not rely enough on renewable sources of clean energy: ‘I think that a region's duty is also that of demonstrating, through the use of renewable forms of energy, that Italy can gain a lot ... In Tuscany, we also have geothermal energy, which, if we were to depend on it more, could resolve many problems, starting first with providing heat for residential homes.'



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