Rossi, who?

The changing demographics of Florence

Editorial Staff
April 26, 2012

Recent statistics show that the most common surnames of Florence are no longer necessarily Italian ones.


Although Rossi, the most common surname in Italy, is still the most common surname in Florence, followed by Bianchi and Innocenti, as of 2012 there is a new entry in the city's top-10 list: Hu, one of the most common last names in China.  


Not as surprisingly, considering its large Chinese population, the most common surname in the city of Prato is now Chen, surpassing the very Pratese surname Gori.


Asian surnames are also becoming more common in northern Italy. Milan, which has had a significant Chinese population since the 1920s, likewise counts Rossi among the most common surnames, also followed by Hu.


‘It's clear that the list of the most common surnames in some of Italy's most populated cities is a sign of our changing times,' said Milan city councilor Daniela Benelli.


According to statistics, the surname Hu is now more common in Milan than the city's more historic Italian surnames, such as Brambilla and Fumagalli.

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