Licata lives on

Italian becomes world?s oldest man

Editorial Staff
September 26, 2013

After the death of 112-year-old Spaniard Salustino ‘Shorty’ Sanchez, the title of oldest man in the world passes to 111-year-old Italian Arturo Licata. The Sicilian celebrated his 111th birthday on May 2 this year.


Born in 1902, Licata worked in the sulphur mines for 20 years before returning to Enna, Sicily, to work as a nurse, accompanying children with tuberculosis to hospital in Palermo. He then served two years in Africa, during the period of fascist colonisation before returning to Italy and marrying his now late wife Rosa Jannello in 1929. Together they had seven children.


A self-taught musician, he is a keen guitarist and poet. He still enjoys good health and a sharp mind.

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