The i-locate Project

Technological innovation in Florence

Oreste Giacche'
November 6, 2014

From today until November 21 at the Palazzo Coppini in Florence (Centro Studi Incontri Internazionali e Centro Arte e Cultura dell’Opera del Duomo), there are a number of events being held by ‘i-locate’, a project conceived to promote the study of localization in a world of open data.


After yesterday’s technical meetings, the first appointment is being held today. Thinkshop is a workshop dedicated to geolocalization and its potential uses in social work. The conference is a chance to brainstorm innovative technological ways to help the elderly live independent and dignified lives. Talks are focused on ways we can locate the elderly, in a non-invasive fashion, in order to keep them safe and healthy.


Tomorrow, November 20, the Centro Arte e Cultura dell’Opera del Duomo at piazza San Giovanni 7 will host the Conferenza Internazionale i-locate. The aim is to bring together researchers, developers and professionals to present and discuss advancements and progressions in localizing technologies for both internal and external use. Managers from global and national technology companies, such as NASA, Oracle and Informativa Trentina SpA, will be speaking at the conference.


The week will conclude with a final event on Friday, November 21, with a convention on urban planning.


‘I-locate’ is a project in part funded by the European Commission, and coordinated by Trilogis Srl, a company specialized in combining geographic data and the Internet. The objectives are: creating a portal for sharing information of localization relative to indoor spaces (like stations, shopping centers, hospitals, etc.); create technologies that allow navigation to be truly ‘door-to-door’, as well as transparent for the users; validate the progressions of techno-importance in fields of social and economic relevance.


This conference will host scholars and tech professionals from around the world.




Patrick Hogan and Paolo Del Bianco

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