Florence University plans a new library

52 million euro needed to amalgamate collections in piazza Brunelleschi

Lavinia Butt
November 5, 2015

Florence University has asked ‘for the city’s help’ as the institution calculates costs of 52 million euro to build a state-of-the-art university library for architecture, humanities and the arts in piazza Brunelleschi.


The plan, created by architect and former university professor Alberto Breschi, is known as the Brunelleschi Project, which aims to create larger study spaces and to combine library collections in literature, philosophy, geography, history of art and architecture. This amalgamation would amount to 27 kilometres of books, roughly the distance between Florence and Empoli, making the library one of the largest in Europe.


The idea is not a new one; in 2004, proposals to renovate the faculty of literature were rejected by former dean of the university Augusto Marinelli. This time, the project would require 52 million euro, funds that are not within the university’s reach.


The current dean of Florence University Luigi Dei commented, ‘The project is a very ambitious one, difficult for us to achieve by ourselves, which is why I am asking for a helping hand by everyone.’


Work will begin in the next few weeks starting with Classroom B in the department of literature. An investment of 3.8 million euro funded by the University of Florence will see 16 multimedia stations installed in the classroom. Renovations also a change in look, a reinforced carbon-fibre earthquake-proof building structure and additional greenery in the area.

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