Piazzetta dello Sprone presented

New public space an “oasis of relaxation”

Editorial Staff
November 19, 2018 - 15:38

Just off the Ponte Vecchio, a newly minted piazza has been presented after a long-awaited renovation. Piazzetta dello Sprone, as the space is being called, was inaugurated on November 17 following decades of decline. The project called not only for an aesthetic renovation but a practical one too, allowing the piazza to be used as a gathering place and events space. With seats, tables, plants, bike racks and the nearby Ditta Artigianale, a partner in the renovation plans, visitors can come here to relax amongst friends.



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“This has been a wonderful opportunity for collaboration between the City of Florence and private entities,” said Alessia Bettini, city councillor for the environment, “which falls in line with the similar initiative for piazzetta dei Tre Re, near via Calzaiuoli, and thanks to which we are able to give this hidden and forgotten corner back to the city, transforming it into a new social space.”



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The renovation respected the existing elements of the space, like the 13th-century tower house and the apartment complex designed by famed Italian architect Giovanni Michelucci in 1954. Several potted plants were added, serving as an invitation to passers-by. A raised dias has been built in one corner, which can be used for cultural events, concerts and presentations about the renowned local artisan workshops, a focal point for the area.

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