AILO Donation Day 2019

American International League of Florence announces recipients

Editorial Staff
March 13, 2019 - 14:01

The American International League of Florence Onlus (AILO) celebrated its annual Donation Day with a ceremony on March 11 in Palazzo Vecchio's Sala d'Arme. The event provides an opportunity for local charities and volunteer associations to be recognized for their work with donations by AILO using the funds raised at the organization’s Christmas Bazaar.



AILO volunteers and funding recipients gathered at the Palazzo Vecchio on March 11



The ten recipients each gave a brief presentation about their associations as well as how the funds would be used. The 2019 recipients are: AILFirenze, for updating a fully equipped room for cancer patients; Amici del Pronto Soccorso, for purchasing a part of the latest generation portable multifunction ultrasound scanning machine for St. Joseph’s Hospital in Empoli; Associazione per Persone Sole (APES), for offering assistance to the poor and needy by paying their rent for six months; CARITAS Mensa di via Baracca, for the replacement of the kitchen’s deep fryer; Cooperativa Sociale Le Rose, for paving a path to their horse stables and purchasing materials for the ceramics studio; Il Caniglio, to pay for veterinary fees and for the shelter’s upkeep; Misericordia in San Casciano, for establishing a database to keep track of all their volunteers and insurance; Orizzonti | Casa Insuperabili, to pay for two or more months’ rent and fees for specialized help; Piccola Betania, for upgrading the bathrooms in six double rooms; and Un Tempio per la Pace, for introducing mindfulness into Italian schools.

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