Roundtable sessions in Florence

Supporting mental health

Editorial Staff
September 9, 2019 - 11:58

Having tools to support mental health can be the difference between a vitalizing experience abroad and an overwhelming one. Out of our comfort zones, what tools do we use to navigate? This special series of Roundtable Sessions asks the big questions, offers tools and opens space for discussion.



The program is designed and led by Marisa Garreffa, who came to Florence to study and survived a violent sexual assault and legal battle for justice. Together with Lynn Cole of Roundtable Sessions Florence and St Mark’s Cultural Association, special guests are being invited for each panel to offer multiple perspectives on what it takes to thrive.



Dates and sessions include: September 11 - Values and Goal Setting. What are my personal values, and how do I use them to set goals for my time abroad? September 25 - Openness and Boundaries. How do I balance being open to new experiences with healthy boundaries? October 9: Risks and Reducing Risk Factors. How does risk increase in a foreign country, and how can I manage this? October 23: Not to Blame and Crisis Management. Why is victim-blaming wrong? What do I do in a crisis? November 6: Sexual Consent. What does healthy sexual consent look like? How is it complicated by cultural differences? November 20: Caring for Self, Caring for Others. What does self-care mean? How do I support others while maintaining healthy boundaries?





The sessions will be held at St Mark’s English Church (via Maggio 16) at 7pm. A 5 euro donation fee is requested. Click here for further information.

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