Life in Italy



How to use Work for Equity for innovative startups and SMEs

From a study carried out by the Ministry of Economic Development in Italy – at the end of 2020 regarding the preceding year – the number of Innovative Start Ups ...


Your questions answered: UK Nationals in Italy

The British Embassy in Rome answers some of the most frequently raised questions by UK nationals in Italy with the latest information on the Withdrawal Agreement and citizens’ rights.   ...


At the Questura: obtaining a biometric residence document for UK nationals

Memories of a visit to the Florence police headquarters in 2002 involve shouting, crying and a muscular guy being manhandled off the premises. Yesterday, calm and the occasional pigeon pervaded ...


Opening a new business in Italy

  Do you have a foreign company and want to open a new business in Italy?   A foreign company that wants to open a new business in Italy may ...


Supporting UK nationals obtaining residency in Italy: IOM

  The International Organization for Migration (IOM) provides information and support to UK nationals living in Italy who may find it harder to complete their residency applications, in order to ...


Arts and crafts kits from Florence

Ever since the Renaissance, the city has been an epicentre of craftsmanship, its residents proud patrons of the arts. Leather, jewellery, textiles, marbled paper, perfume and many more trades have ...


Superbonus 110%: also for non-Italian citizens

One of the innovative acts (DL n.34 of 19/05/2020), approved by the Italian Parliament in 2020, is the “Superbonus 110%”. It is a 110% tax credit of the expenditure made ...


Work from anywhere, work from Florence

After my seventh month of lockdown life, the routine of work from home, eat, sleep and repeat was beginning to pall and I found myself craving some fresh inspiration. London ...


British citizens in Italy: what to do before December 31

For more than four years, Brexit has left the tens of thousands of British citizens in Italy in limbo. And while this saga is finally reaching its denouement, the status ...


How to take a sabbatical in Florence

There’s never been a better time to plan a sabbatical in Florence and consider spending a life-enriching extended period of time in Italy.   Earlier in the year, more than ...


A guide for non-EU citizens who enter Italy

What types of visas and permits do you need?   To enter Italy a non-EU citizen needs a passport and an entry visa, which must be requested from the Consulate ...


Buy a house for 1 euro while saving on taxes

In 2008 the town of Salemi reached international headlines due to an interesting real estate program: houses on sale for 1 euro. Many foreigners who had always dreamed about being ...


Why use a S.A.P.A. to invest safely in Italy

  Safe investments in Italy are possible with the right tools   In the World Bank’s “doing business 2020” ranking, Italy is positioned in the 58th place before Kosovo and ...


Covid-19 and the parenting experience in Tuscany

I genuinely do not believe that I could have been any more shocked if you had picked me up and dumped me on Mars and told me to get on ...


Information campaign to support UK nationals in Italy

If you are resident in Italy before the transition period ends on 31 December 2020, you will be able to stay.


10 child-friendly aperitivo spots in Florence

Kids need their merenda hour, just like parents need their aperitivo!  Or as I like to call it, “merendativo”, a happy-family-happy-hour that both parents and their offspring can enjoy.   ...


Property management service in Florence

  For those of you who adore spending your evenings listening to the trials and tribulations at the annual condominium meeting or who thrive on finding the best deal amongst ...


Discover Investor Visa for Italy

  Italy is one of the main economies and markets in the world, a country full of opportunities and with an increasingly developed attention towards foreign investors.   In recent ...


The housing virus

I’m never quite sure which is more depressing: renting a place in Florence or looking for someone to rent one. The same problem afflicts both parties: too many people are ...


Italy’s advantageous policies for taxing inheritance

  Inheritance taxation in Italy is much more advantageous than in other European countries. In fact, it ranges from 4% to 8% and in many cases is not even applicable. ...


Children-friendly parks in Florence

Keeping kids entertained is never as easy as one would like to think. Especially now as schools will remain closed until September, I find myself scrambling to come up with ...


Children’s summer camps to start on June 15      

Pre-enrolment now open for summer camps in and around Florence


Family resources in Florence

For those with younger members of the family around, an undeniable struggle throughout this lockdown has been entertaining children who normally enjoy the stimulation of a packed school day. Thankfully, ...


Supporting British Nationals with Brexit procedures

The programme is part of a wider initiative through which the UK Government and IOM aim to provide assistance to British citizens in Europe.