Where to worship in Florence

Florence is filled with churches and religious centres to embrace all faiths. Here’s a round-up of English-speaking services. Agape Protestant United Church. Services at 4pm every 2nd and 4th Sunday ...


St. Mark’s English Church

To encourage trade through the port of Livorno, Grand Duke Ferdinand I de’ Medici passed an edict in 1595 that allowed freedom of religion to all merchants. Soon, an English ...


Welcoming words with Reverend Richard Easterling

It was the sunniest of Florentine mornings when I sat down in the vestry with Reverend Richard Easterling and his husband David Wohlgemuth. Richard is the new priest-in-charge of St. ...


The Great Synagogue and the Jewish Community of Florence

Standing on the piazzale Michelangelo on a painterly grey afternoon, I see an oxidized green dome not quite towering above the rest, just being “present”. I wonder about its construction, ...


Quakers in Florence

It’s a sunny-but-chilly winter morning in Florence and a small group of Quakers—formally known as the Religious Society of Friends—is warming up inside Sylvia Hetzel’s apartment. The fledgling family, founded ...


Jewish Florence: synagogues, kosher cooking and cemeteries

Florence’s Jewish community continues to flourish, welcoming locals and tourists to participate in events and cultural rites that are embedded in the city’s fabric. Here is The Florentine’s guide to ...


The Russian church

You are approaching the Russian church when you glimpse one central onion-shaped dome and four smaller ones with turquoise, green and white majolica.


Fr. Kramer Cameron: a chat with Florence’s Canadian priest

Fr. Kramer Cameron is a priest for the English-speaking community in Florence based at the Romanesque church of Santi Apostoli.