Welcome to The Florentine PATRONS Program

A new way to support our magazine

TF Patrons Program 2021

Your support is keeping The Florentine afloat — and aspiring to a better future.


Our aim is to remain constant to our community ethos, inspired by our readers, for our readers, united by a love of Florence, quality journalism and a passion for print. In the months ahead, our primary objective is to help Florence rebuild: we have the platform to accomplish this with your help.

In March 2020, on the Friday before the Italian lockdown, we reacted by introducing a support page on our website: www.theflorentine.net/support


Over 400 people have supported The Florentine to date, primarily from the United States. This generous financial support partially offset advertising losses in 2020.

In 2021, we invite readers to become stakeholders in The Florentine by becoming PATRONS.


Click here to download The Florentine PATRONS presentation.



Who are The Florentine PATRONS?

The Florentine PATRONS are a community of supporters who care about protecting our magazine’s long-term sustainability. We like to think of you as our “editorial angels” underwriting the future of our media company.

Our PATRONS are Florence lovers around the world, English-speaking expatriates, and internationally minded Italians.

You understand Florence and the usefulness of an English-language resource.

You realize that it takes money, acumen and ambition to produce a magazine that acts in the interests of its readers and viewers.

You appreciate that The Florentine is independently owned and you value editorial accuracy.



How is this different to subscribing?

Subscribers are the driving force that keeps a magazine alive. The PATRONS program goes one step further, offering our supporters with the opportunity to become stakeholders in the future of the magazine and, in so doing, the international community of Florence.


For sizeable contributions, your name will be featured in the PATRONS section of the monthly magazine, weekly newsletter, and on our website.

If you’re not yet ready to become a PATRON but still want to contribute to The Florentine, please visit our Support page.  www.theflorentine.net/support


How do I become a PATRON?

For further details and information about The Florentine PATRONS Program, please email our editor-in-chief Helen Farrell: [email protected]

About The Florentine

In 2005, The Florentine was launched as a magazine for the English-speaking community in Florence. American expats Nita and Tony Tucker were surprised not to find an English newspaper, so they partnered with Italian firm B’Gruppo to produce the paper. When the Tuckers moved away two years later, the rest of the team remained intact and they continue to publish The Florentine to this day.

Website: 1 million page views/year

Newsletter: 8K, 30% opening rate in 24H (10% above the industry average)


FB 114 K (6% engagement rate, over the industry average)

IG 64K (3.6% engagement rate, over the influencer average)

YouTube 1K

Twitter 15K

Today, The Florentine is published on FSC-certified paper 11 times a year.


Circulation: 10K copies / month

Subscribers: 800+

40% translations + copywriting

30% advertising: print, digital, classified ads

27% subscriptions + donations

3% book publishing