Issue 300 – Covering Florence

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Can you imagine coming up with 300 ways to communicate Florence? Neither can we, although we’ve succeeded down the years. Welcome to Issue 300!

Cover image: Marco Badiani + Leo Cardini



Welcome to Issue 300! Bear with us as we dwell on this achievement with a front page celebrating the myriad designs that have lured people to Florence and enticed them to stay, announced exclusive stories and focused on the international community, all with a belief that beauty makes print relevant. Looking back at Issue One in April 2005, it’s astonishing to think how far this magazine has come. Based on an idea by Californians Nita and Tony Tucker, Marco Badiani came up with the name (surely a stroke of genius!), Leonardo Cardini did the first layouts and Giovanni Giusti hopped on a bike to distribute the copies around town. The rest is history. Except it’s not because these three exceedingly Tuscan guys, with the help of an ever-changing native English editorial team, have, through savvy management and dynamic dispositions, somehow succeeded not only in navigating the choppy waters of the media landscape, but building a brand that now looks to the future with absolute confidence. I cannot think of anyone more deserving of a fiorino d’oro for services rendered so constantly to the city.

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