Issue 5, Spring 2024

RC #05 – Astronomer Caroline Hershel, Textile artist Ilaria Margutti, Women of the Sky and Female Astronomers at National Library, Florence Nightingale, Pre-Raphaelite Women, Christiana Herringham, Evelyn de Morgan, Angelica Kauffman, ‘Now You See Us’

Restoration Conversations magazine is a bi-annual online publication, which ‘restores’ the creative achievements of historic women for today’s audiences. Its features draw inspiration from the mission of Calliope Arts, a not-for-profit organisation, based in Florence and London, dedicated to raising awareness of women’s stories in the arts, sciences and social history through restoration, exhibition, education and research, as well as by means of ‘conversations’ with curators and sector experts. Printed copies available for purchase.



The Spring 2024 Issue of Restoration Conversations welcomes a new column, ‘Personal Reflections: Writers and readers share connections’, set to become a regular feature of the magazine. It debuts in with Canada-based writer Carol Annett and how Florence Nightingale influenced her personal and family history. Restoration Conversations is true to its name and readers have much to tell us about the contributions of historic women to their own lives. With each new issue, the magazine creates a chorus of women’s voices from past and present, with all the stories readers hold most dear.

The women featured in this issue search the sky and scour the stores. Their pursuit of knowledge takes us from the Cephid stars and the comets of Caroline Hershel, to a rafter-filled attic-museum of the Capuchin monks and a high-security art vault hosting the Wulz’s photography. Women’s exhibitions are foremost in our minds this issue. Angelica Kauffman breaks into the boys’ club. The pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood has sisters, and Tate Britain gets it right with their exhibition title ‘Now You See Us’.

Restoration Conversations magazine and cultural broadcast is supported by Calliope Arts – a not-for-profit organisation based in Florence and London that promotes public knowledge and appreciation of art, literature and social history from a female perspective, through restorations, exhibitions, education and cultural initiatives.

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