TheFLR issue 1 Invasion/Invasione

ITALIAN LITERATURE IN TRANSLATION: read contemporary Italian authors in English.
TheFLR The Florentine Literary Review is a magazine from The Florentine is the Italy’s only bilingual literary review featuring six original short stories and two poems penned by contemporary Italian authors, lovingly translated into English and illustrated by an emerging artist.



TheFLR The Florentine Literary Review is a magazine from The Florentine featuring engaging and entertaining short stories, plus two collectible poems. Tales and verses by Italian authors will be published for the first time alongside the finest English translations. A further layer of interpretation will be provided by the illustrations commissioned for each issue from a contemporary artist.


The Fall 2016 issue One springs forth – pun intended – from the concept of “Invasion” to remember a massive invasion of water: this year marks the 50th anniversary of the flood of 1966 in Florence. A moment that brought together Italians and Americans, as well as volunteers from around the world, kick-starting a new era in the city. A moment that perhaps ought to have generated new contemporary movements and collaborations – though we’re only getting round to that now.
But above(water) and beyond, the concept can be extended to themes such as the influx of tourism, information overload, the “invasion” of migrants and immigrants, the parallel flow of cultures and languages. Is the concept of invasion always a negative one?


  • Introduction / Introduzione by Alessandro Raveggi
  • short story / Febbre (Fever) by Elena Varvello
  • short story / La conversione di Twiga (The Conversion of Twiga) by Luciano Funetta
  • short story / Gli assedi e la difesa (Sieges and Defence) by Filippo Tuena
  • poem / Previsione pioggia (Rain Forecast) by Marco Simonelli
  • poem / L’invasione (The Invasion) by Mariagiorgia Ulbar
  • short story / Una rampa di scale (A Flight of Stairs) by Luca Ricci
  • short story / Il tenente di vascello (The Ship-of-the-Line Lieutenant) by Alessandro Leogrande
  • short story / Limes (Limites) by Elisa Ruotolo

Directed by Alessandro Raveggi
Illustrated by Viola Bartoli
Translated by Johanna Bishop (stories) and Brenda Porster (poetry)


Martino Baldi, Luca Baldoni, Diego Bertelli, Raoul Bruni, Silvia Costantino, Helen Farrell, Giuseppe Girimonti Greco, Paolo Maccari, Daniele Pasquini, Vanni Santoni, Niccolò Scaffai


Issue 1 was released on October 28, 2016 thanks to the support of 180 people through crowdfunding and to our sponsors Lungarno Hotels and Context Travel.

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