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January 12, 2022

Think psychedelic: Editor’s letter

January has traditionally always been a time of starting anew and thinking about the future. As I type this month’s letter, flurries of snow are falling from the whitest of skies and the Tuscan countryside looks bleak indeed. It’s more than a touch of pathetic fallacy, given the ominous “omicronness” at the start of 2022. […]
December 2, 2021

Lights, camera, Christmas: Editor’s letter

In this indeterminate twilight zone of pandemic living, I was walking home one evening when realization suddenly dawned that the Christmas lights had been switched on. Bright, beautiful, joyful! Two days of remote work interspersed with an afternoon in the office meant I’d somehow missed seeing the illuminated baubles being hoisted into the sky down […]
October 29, 2021

A thousand “grazie”: Editor’s letter

Thank you must be one of the most frequently used words in the English language. That, and sorry. But is there a point when a phrase becomes so commonplace that its meaning begins to lose significance?      Grazie is different. From the Latin gratia, this one simple word contains a galaxy of meaning. It […]
August 31, 2021

Piece by piece: Editor’s letter

The policy makers are coming to town. On September 17-18, G20’s agriculture ministers will meet in Florence. People, planet and prosperity are the three interconnected pillars of action as ministers from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, France, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, the UK […]
June 30, 2021

Your Florentine Summer: Editor’s Letter

What's on this summer in Florence
April 27, 2021

Art takes a stand: Editor’s Letter

“Somehow, in painting, I try to make some logic out of the world that has been given to me in chaos.” American Abstract Expressionist artist Grace Hartigan’s words hit home during the recent ‘Restoration Conversations’ series led by AWA director Linda Falcone around art collectors Christian and Florence Levett’s home gallery in the city centre. […]
March 29, 2021

The Crying Plate: Editor’s Letter

This April issue is a tribute to Florence’s food—and, in particular, restaurant—scene.         Il piatto piange is an Italian expression, literally, “the plate is crying”, meaning that the salver is deprived of food. The anthropomorphism can be extended to the restaurants and eateries of Florence whose tables, in turn, have no customers. […]
February 28, 2021

Born for the upward flight – 700 Dante: Editor’s Letter

Children were cycling across the pietra serena slabs and locals were tucking into panini in piazza Santa Croce as I perched on a bench beneath Dante Alighieri’s stony stare. Ravenna-born sculptor Enrico Pazzi donated the statue to Florence in 1865 to mark the 600th anniversary of the poet’s birth. Dante stands protectively above our heads, […]
February 2, 2021

Whoever drinks Black earns color: Editor’s Letter

Black Madonnas occupied every landing in the Elba Island hotel where I retreated last summer. Beautiful to behold, sacred and ageless, the transracial religious art in an isolated corner of Tuscany elicited introspection when Black Lives Matter protests were calling each and every one of us to action.           It was […]
January 20, 2021

Editor’s picks: Food heroes

Meet the food heroes of Florence. As 2021 begins, thank you is due to the people who nourish us, belly and soul.       Farmer to the rescue: La Valle del Sasso       Nobody does customer service like Flavio Giannetti, a farmer and family man who cares as deeply about his carnivorous […]