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October 6, 2020

Historic quarantine in Livorno

When William Magee Seton left New York on board the  sailing ship “Sheperdess” on October 2, 1803, he could not have imagined he would never return to his homeland. Born into a wealthy and socially prominent family, he and his wife Elizabeth Baley, known as Eliza, whom he had married in 1794  seemed to have […]
May 4, 2018

City Museum of Livorno opens

Art, photographs, relics and archaeological remains
April 2, 2015

Dinosaur exhibition in Livorno

How does a homo sapiens measure up to an 8-metre-tall Tyrannosaurus rex or two-ton Triceratops? Head to Livorno and spend some time among more than 50 dinosaur models. Until May 17, the dinosaur models, constructed on a lifesize scale, are on display in the park of Villa
November 21, 2013

Livorno targets US trade

Every year, 74,000 containers travel between Livorno and the East Coast of the United States, 30,000 of which come from New York, making New York Livorno’s principal trading partner, with almost 30 percent of the total annual container traffic to and from the port of Livorno. &
May 23, 2013

Piombino bids farewell to Livorno

The city of Piombino is now part of the province of Grosseto, following the recent vote by the city council, which approved by an overwhelming majority a proposal for the city’s inclusion in the province of Grosseto.   The proposal to leave the province of Livorno for the
February 14, 2013

Free WiFi in Livorno

Nine areas of the city of Livorno will be covered by free WiFi. Thanks to a two-year contract, the new service, which is part of the project LivornoNet, will be active by summer.   ‘We finally found someone who will set up and operate the service for a
January 31, 2013

Emergency goes to Livorno

The annual meeting of the national nonprofit organization Emergency will not be held in Florence this year. The Florence-born association of volunteer medical professionals will hold its conference in the Tuscan port city of Livorno on June 26 to 29, 2013. Drawing thousands of people each year, Emergency's
November 8, 2012

Livorno needs your vote!

Italians and foreigners have the power to help preserve a remarkable historical and cultural site in the Tuscan city of Livorno, the Temple of the Dutch and German Congregation, known as the ‘Chiesa degli Olandesi,' through the annual national survey launched by the nonprofit organization Fondo Ambiente Italiano (FAI),
April 26, 2012

Livorno on eBay

Tired of the unwanted items cluttering its storage spaces, the municipality of Livorno has turned to eBay. The first seventy-seven items, among them used cars and motorbikes, furniture, sewing machines and carpentry tools, were on auction until April 27.   Not only does the online auction provide an innovative
February 16, 2012

Loving Livorno

In 2011, the city of Livorno welcomed 30 percent more tourists than the previous year. The rise is credited to an increase in cruise-ship traffic, as noted in a recent report released by the City.   Moreover, some 68 percent of the nearly one million passengers who travelled to