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December 15, 2005

A free shuttle to the shops

The City of Florence, together with public bus company ATAF, has once again renewed the free bus service initiative “Autonatale” during the month of December. The initiative was created to cut back on the Christmas period traffic and chaos, as well as to facilitate Christmas shopping in the
November 17, 2005

The turkey dazzles Renaissance Florentines

Remember Giambologna’s turkey in the Bargello? Did you ever wonder if that sixteenth-century Florentine bronze sculpture had anything to do with the roasted and stuffed bird that you gobble up at Thanksgiving and Christmas? With the bird that Benjamin Franklin had wanted to put on the American
November 3, 2005

Make-over Italian style!

I know the perfect person in need of a make-over Italian style. My sister, Kim Landry, is 29 and has never had a make-over in her life. She is from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and is in Florence studying at the Angel Academy of Art. She arrived a month
September 22, 2005

Stranded by Hurricane Katrina

As part of the devastation caused in New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina, the campus of Tulane University was destroyed, leaving 12,000 students without a school to attend this semester.  These students don’t know when or if they will be able to return to the school at
August 4, 2005

The 15th of August: sacred or profane?

This month, as temperatures peak and air quality plummets, visitors to Florence may find themselves wandering a city nearly void of Italians. Owing to its particular geographical position — lying in a low-level basin between hills — in late summer Florence becomes an intolerably hot and hazy place. Thus,

Bulgari shines bright

The stress is on the “u” not on the “a” - búl-gah-ry - explains Cristina Maccianti, whose sweet modesty remains in tact despite being in charge of one of Via de’ Tornabuoni’s top luxury jewelry stores, Bulgari.   Although Bulgari’
June 30, 2005

‘Entrata Libera’,

The shoppers who flock to Florence from all over the world come with the strange misconception that shopping in Italy is fun. Armani’s class, Ferragamo’s craftsmanship, a bit of Versace sparkle, and a dash of Valentino red might make you think so. Fun, however, is not
June 9, 2005

Over the tuscan stove – Homemade liqueurs

Raised in California, I’d never seen fireflies until I moved here. I’ll never forget the first night I saw them. What a miracle! I passed the Ferragamo Villa while driving into Florence from Fiesole. It looked as though they had decorated their fields with Christmas lights.