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June 4, 2009

All that jazz

Are your feet tired of the discoteca, the endless fight for survival amidst herds of sticky stiletto-wearing stumbellinas swaying to the beat of techno remixes, courtesy of last year's most overplayed rappers? Have you seen enough ambitious renditions of Rigoletto, not even counting the countless pop-culture references
April 9, 2009

Tough on drinking

Cocktails and beer must stay inside bars and restaurants. No glass bottles and containers outside nightspots from 10pm to 3am. These are new, tough rules for Florence for the coming months.     The new package of city ordinances was greenlighted by local officials to check a worrisome rise in
January 29, 2009

Filippo Tommaso Marinetti

Italians and pasta are like a horse and carriage: they just naturally go together. The very idea of depriving Italians of their beloved pasta seems crazy, but Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, the poet, novelist, critic and founder of Italy's Futurist movement, tried to do just that, although, as grocery stores
July 24, 2008


  CASA DEL VIN SANTO via Porta Rossa, 15r – 055/216995 The tables are placed right smack in the middle of the street and not only do you sit and enjoy a wood-fired cooked pizza, but you get to see all the street theater that abounds in Florence ‘til late at night at the corner […]
June 12, 2008

Creating culture

Have you ever longed to spend warm summer nights lounging in the garden of a world-renowned Tuscan villa overlooking the city of Florence? Have you dreamed of enjoying jazz under the stars in an Oltrarno piazza? Or watching Shakespeare in a Renaissance cloister? How about spending a month among
May 15, 2008

Looking back and looking forward

On April 23, 1908, the cornerstone was laid of what would become the sanctuary of St. James, la chiesa americana (‘American Church') in Florence, Italy. Last week, in friendly cooperation with the City of Florence and the U.S. Consulate, the parish hosted a series of events to commemorate
May 17, 2007

The art of aperitivo

The season that graces Florence with wisteria, iris and roses has finally arrived. It’s spring! Every café, restaurant and bar is throwing open its doors and moving chairs and tables outside to fill each square inch of available space. Why?  Because it’s time to
January 11, 2007

Market runaway

Florentine fashionistas can participate in a live fashion photo shoot and cocktails at the Piazza del Mercato Centrale in San Lorenzo on Jan. 11 from 6:30pm to 9:00pm. The event is being held in honor of the 71st edition of Pitti Uomo. The Mercato Central was purposefully chosen
April 20, 2006

Florence to swat barfiles

Those ‘free shot’ flyers littering Piazza del Duomo all weekend long may soon be but a happy memory.  The new drinking tagline may well become, ‘Go to bars with intelligence.’  The Smart Bar project, created in a collaboration between the Union of Club Owners (
February 9, 2006

Ananas Daiquiri

The following is from Ely, barman of Eby's Latin Bar. Eby's is specialised in Latin cuisine, fresh fruit drinks and other cocktails.   The most popular cocktail at Eby's Latin Bar is the Pineapple Daiquiri.   It's a vitamin-filled cocktail, made with high quality fresh