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May 14, 2020

Radio Cavolo: Florence’s newest radio station

Confined to our homes for the last two months, we have had a lot of time to indulge in entertainment media. Many are the memes bewailing their author’s Netflix dependency, and Pornhub famously offered free premium membership when they learned that patrons were going to have a lot of me-time on their hands. But when […]
May 29, 2017

Radio Firenze launches scavenger hunt initiative

Year-long game aims to get residents acquainted with artistic heritage
May 8, 2017

London One Radio with Filippo Baglini

This is not Radio Ga Ga: Filippo Baglini is serious on radio power and his London One Radio has yet to have its finest hour. There are 250,000 Italians in London, give or take. It’s not a “merging amalgamated” community, but it is nevertheless an audience to be reckoned with. Three years ago, an enterprising […]
July 13, 2016

Mercato Centrale launches radio project

A new musical project was launched this month at the Mercato Centrale, as the popular space will now also host musical performances and DJ sets.     Artistic director Alessio Bertallot hopes the scheme will broaden the cultural appeal of the market, while enriching the current experience. The broad repertoire of Italian music—from historical to […]
May 26, 2016

Kickstarting the radio

More than ten years ago, three university students approached Palazzo delle Papesse contemporary art centre in Siena with the idea of creating a sound-only digital platform entirely devoted to contemporary and sound art, both a web radio and a growing repository of knowledge. Such a thing didn’t exist back then and some brilliant worldwide experiences […]
March 5, 2016

Swiping and radio silence

Swipe. No. Swipe. No. Red Speedos. No. Suspicious side pose. No. Extremely waxed eyebrows. No. Guess which one of this group I am… No. Dramatic close up of one eyeball. Topless. Topless. Shouldn’t be topless. No. No. No.   Ok, here’s one: clothed, actually smiling, no comments about ‘discretion’. Swipe right. Match! Actually, there are […]
November 7, 2013

Cinta, Aradio, Pettata

Cinta: Belt Example: ‘Che te la se’ messa la cinta? Tu perdi i calzoni!’ (‘Did you put on your belt? Your pants are falling down!’)     Aradio: Radio Example: ‘Allora, spegni l’aradio, un si dorme!’ (‘Oh, turn off the
May 26, 2005

Radio Vaticano cardinal charged for ‘Electrosmog’

A judge ruled last week that Cardinal Roberto Tucci, head of Radio Vaticano’s management board, and Father Pasquale Borgomeo, be suspended for 10 days because of their responsibility for the excessively high transmission levels of the radio’s programs.   In 2001 it was discovered that the &
April 27, 2020

Best online events April 27-May 4

CULTURE/ Manifattura Tabacchi Living Room series       Manifattura Tabacchi have released a new digital programme centered on culture and contemporary art online. Titled ‘Living Room’, the series focuses on research and experimentation with regular content released via Facebook and Instagram. Film, books, podcasts, poems, interviews and various artistic contributions make up the packed […]
February 19, 2020

Your Thursday forecast: best events in Florence

Florence Dance For Kids – A Thon 3-7pm, February 22     An afternoon of dancing, music, games and colours organised by ISI Florence, Comune di Firenze and Milano 25 Onlus-Zia Caterina supporting children’s cancer research starring Zia Caterina and students from PennState in the USA. The fundraising event organized by the American study abroad […]