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January 13, 2011

Renting Palazzo Vecchio

As of January 1, 2011, the price to rent one of Palazzo Vecchio’s eight monumental rooms is up. The cost to private companies or individuals to rent the Salone dei Cinquecento for six hours is now 8,000 euro, instead of 1,911 euro. Renting the Sala degli Elementi now costs 5,000 euro, instead of 1,086 euro. […]
June 28, 2020

Rental Diaries: The Book

  BUY THE BOOK:   After an endless hunt for an affordable one-bedroom in Florence, Italy, ran her ragged, Mary Gray launched her “Rental Diaries” column on all things apartment-related. Triumphs. Disasters. Minor inconveniences. Meddling neighbors. This compilation of the column’s first 30 volumes is no flowery manifesto about the healing powers of la […]
March 1, 2020

Rental Diaries, vol. 29

“I’m going to have to zoom in on your face and on the food, Mary,” said my cameraman colleague during a recent filming session in my kitchen. We were shooting a low-budget video about low-budget pantry staples geared at Gen-Z students in Florence.     “It’s just that you don’t have very pretty cabinets, so […]
February 26, 2020

The spas of southern Tuscany

The sun was shining as I set off for southern Tuscany, destination Saturnia. It feels like an odyssey from Florence, pacing down towards Siena, continuing to Grosseto and slowing down in rural Maremma, almost as far as the Lazio border. It’s quicker to arrive at the hot springs from Rome than from the Renaissance capital: […]
February 18, 2020

“Why do you have two moms?

The Cirinnà Law in 2016 made civil partnership legal, making Italy the 27th country in Europe to legally recognize same sex couples. Moreover, the law also governs the rights and duties of those who are having a stable relationship as couple—whether heterosexual or gay—providing the same access rights as a spouse in the event of […]
January 29, 2020

Rental diaries, vol.27

I don’t tend to think of Phil Dunphy and Clark Griswold, the dopey dads of Modern Family and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, respectively, as characters with whom I have much in common. But I’ve recently begun to reconsider, based on the running gags in each character’s comedy, both involving staircases.   Across his show’s 11 […]
December 18, 2019

Dinner among friends: Cooking in Florence

    It was Friday night and the lights were low as we crossed the double-door threshold into the mellow L’Ideale – Cooking in Florence events space. On a previous visit a few days prior, chef Gianluca Somigli had beckoned me into his kitchen as he respectfully unpacked Muscovy ducks couriered from Scotland: “My near-blind […]
November 5, 2019

Rental diaries, vol. 25

By the time this column is printed, this is likely to be old news, but file the intel away for future reference. It seems that the Bellini Gallery—that antiques-filled, Arno-facing jewel of a building—is currently on a Marie Kondo kick. I say this based on the boxes of dusty coffee table books now sitting curbside […]
July 2, 2019

Summer hotspots in Florence 2019

For music lovers and boogie aficionados, there’s a plethora of spots, old and new, that open during the summer months. Most of these places offer more than just tunes and good vibes. With free yoga classes, delicious street food and even a skate park popping up, it’s set to be a scorcher.     THE […]
April 5, 2019

Salcheto: a sustainable winery in Montepulciano

Boasting bucolic views of Montepulciano, Salcheto might look like the Teletubbies set with its green setting, spacey bubbles and steel tubes, but this winery is as purposeful as it is playful.   The cantina led by Michele Manelli drives environmental standards in the Vino Nobile area—and beyond. In 2011, Salcheto was the first company in […]