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December 1, 2005

‘Arriviamo al punto’

English speakers follow a straight line; Italians talk in circles. If you engage in intercultural communication on a daily basis, this is something you probably already know, but possibly have never thought about. So let’s think about it now, shall we?   I’ll start by saying

Scheme to save sinking Venice

Italian experts recently proposed an innovative new solution to Venice’s long-time problem with invading seawater and the slow sinking of the island the city sits on. Instead of trying to pump the sea out of the city, these experts want to pump it in.   The plan
November 3, 2005


As its title suggests, Robert Altman's masterpiece is set in the world of Country music, but with its cast of 24 characters and almost the same number of intertwined and intersecting stories, it delves deep into the conciousness and conscience of America circa 1975 in Altman's unmistakable mosiac


“It is the same spirit shared by every builder of civilisations: foresight, strong will, sharp mind, bold perseverance,” said Giovanni Fossi, president of the Firenze Est Rotary Club, “and we are proud to maintain our tradition of celebrating the discovery of America by awarding great personalities who have excelled in their fields with the Columbus […]
October 20, 2005

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

What you see is what you get. The title says it all. Mystery horror thriller. Emily Rose (a harrowing performance from Jennifer Carpenter) is exorcised but dies in the process, which puts the exorcist, parish priest Father Moore (Tom Wilkinson) in the dock on negligent homicide charges. A story in
October 6, 2005

Modern man meets ancient wisdom

What happens when modern man decides he’s ready to encounter ancient wisdom? Or when ancient wisdom decides she’s willing to meet modern man? Such questions are ripe for the picking at the new anthropological lecture series Le culture millenarie e l’uomo moderno organised by
July 21, 2005

Study Gives Italian Students Low Marks

According to a recent study conducted by a researcher at the Economics Department of the London School of Economics, Italian students are the least prepared in science, literature, and mathematics out of all European students; meanwhile school spending per student in Italy is one of the highest in Europe. 
July 7, 2005

When tourists feel strange: 15 years after the Stendhal Syndrome

When Inge was struck by Brunelleschi’s sculpted wooden “Crucifix” and Nardo di Cione’s “Last Judgement” in the Strozzi Chapel, and by the magnificently frescoed Spanish Chapel where everything is in the feminine, she saw those raised fingers in the fresco accusing her.&

Night-time discovery with Galileo

“When the Earth Realised It Lived in the Periphery” is the title of the newest initiative by the History of Science Museum of Florence. The museum is now offering evening tours led by “Galileo Galilei himself” (that is, an actor impersonating him).  Demonstrating with the actual tools used by Galileo that are housed in the […]
June 16, 2005

Part II: Foreign girls are easy

I like to ask Florentines what they think about the fact that their city is so overrun by tourists and foreign students. I reckon that if it gets to me, a foreigner myself and so without much of a leg to stand on, then it must really wear on the