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June 7, 2018

Streetsmart: via Porta Rossa

Via Porta Rossa is a strange bridge between Florentine drags. Despite the signage pointing toward Florence’s main monuments, the street’s nondescript starting point from piazza Santa Trinita is oddly alley-like, undoubtedly the corner you’d duck into upon spotting someone you don’t want to see. (Am I wrong?) But what follows is a road rich in […]
January 17, 2018

Streetsmart: viale Ariosto

A ghost road at first glance, viale Ludovico Ariosto is a thriving hub of life on the edge. (Of the historic center, that is). More like a long parking lot than a bona-fide boulevard—witness the tiny smattering of trees that apparently accounts for the viale designation—it’s a quiet borderland at the base of Porta San […]
December 5, 2017

Streetsmart: via dei Serragli

Via dei Serragli has long figured into the Florentine lives of the authors of this piece. Last November we tackled its initial half for this column, showing up with some preconceived ideas about which spots we’d feature, and leaving laden with too many tempting options. We paved the way for a part two by cutting […]
December 1, 2017

Streetsmart: via del Serraglio + Pop-Up Lab

Foot traffic just off piazza Duomo in Prato has dwindled in recent years, affecting businesses and leading to security concerns, but thanks to some enterprising business owners and initiatives by city officials, the area is making a comeback. Pop-Up Lab is the newest effort by the Città di Prato to regenerate life within the medieval […]
October 29, 2017

Streetsmart: via Ricasoli

We won’t mince words: regarding mass tourism’s takeover in historic Florentine streets, via Ricasoli is a rather bleak block. Pointed and plentiful signage for the “David Museum” outside area shops seems to warily grumble at the groups walking by; cheap souvenir trinkets have replaced Renaissance city stand-alones in much of the street. That said, several […]
September 29, 2017

Streetsmart: via del Porcellana

Shabby and short, hardly pretty as porcelain, via del Porcellana appears a forgettable breakoff point from borgo Ognissanti—perhaps it’s a street you hurriedly haul your suitcase down when pressed to get to the station. But give it a chance without luggage or looming plans: there’s a good smattering of sostanza here that goes beyond that […]
September 11, 2017

Streetsmart: via San Niccolò

For Lonely Planet and local press, borgo San Frediano is the drive du jour, but we’ve got via San Niccolò on the brain. The lifeblood of a district that’s simultaneously steeped in the Oltrarno and distinct from it, this street brims with the best of Florence: artisans, galleries, old homes, social hubs. It’s a pity […]
July 13, 2017

Streetsmart: via Lorenzo Bartolini

Lorenzo Bartolini was a Neoclassical sculptor who counted Napoleon Bonaparte among his patrons. You’d never know it from his namesake street in San Frediano—a dead-quiet, dusty drive, the kind of place anyone outside the neighborhood could never pinpoint on a map. It’s its own kind of “beaten track”—defined not by tourist traffic, but by shabby […]
June 19, 2017

Streetsmart: via Gioberti

A familiar Florentine refrain kept playing as we explored via Gioberti on our latest Streetsmart mission: “It’s not what it once was,” said many a shopkeeper. Chain stores notwithstanding, area business owners should keep their chins up for two reasons. First, they’re on the “other side” of Porta alla Croce in piazza Beccaria, and common […]
May 10, 2017

Streetsmart: Sdrucciolo de’ Pitti

Besides having the coolest street name this side of the Arno—or perhaps the Atlantic—Sdrucciolo dei Pitti sees its fair share of foot traffic. The street’s unofficial sindaco Renzo Regoli (see below) proudly flaunts his status as its last permanent resident, and stands guard over those walking between piazzas Pitti and Santo Spirito. Nighttime noise, he […]