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Linda Falcone is author of Italians Dance and I’m a Wallflower: Adventures in Italian Expression and If They Are Roses: the Italian Way with Words, two humorous books spotlighting the Italian culture, with illustrations by Florentine artist Leo Cardini. Her first work of fiction, Moving Days: a novel was published by The Florentine Press in 2010. She has been a columnist for The Florentine, Tuscany’s English language news magazine since its founding in 2005. Her current column In Other Words, is a tongue-in-cheek celebration of Italy and its language.
Since 2008, Linda has been working as Project Coordinator for the Advancing Women Artists Foundation. This American organization founded by Dr. Jane Fortune is dedicated to rediscovering, restoring and exhibiting works by women artists in Florence’s Museums. In the vise of co-author of Jane Fortune’s Invisible Women: Forgotten Artists of Florence and When the World Answered, Linda had the opportunity to carry out on-site research in the Florence museum archives.
As a university professor, Linda has taught full-term university courses on Travel Writing and Italian Culture for various universities and education abroad service providers, including programs sponsored by the University of Minnesota, University of Chicago, Purdue University, Ursinus College, University of Wisconsin and numerous other American community colleges hosted in Florence. As a guest speaker at universities, cultural associations and private institutions, she has held cultural lectures and seminar-style workshops all over Italy.
Linda Falcone is a language teacher who loves the rhythm of irregular verbs as much as the sound of rain on the roof. For over fifteen years, she has taught non-native speakers of all ages and walks of life: from Montessori pre-school tikes and incorrigible military cadets to up-and-coming bankers and soon-to-be fashion designers. Her favorites are classes tailored to professional associations: groups of genius scientists, the local police force, museum guards, taxi-driver associations and even those who sit in European toll booths and need English as they wait for change.
Born in northern California, she was raised in a bi-cultural family and is celebrating over two decades of permanent Italian living. She believes in full amphitheatres in spring, empty beaches in autumn and newspaper articles year-round that reek of new ink and speak of loveliness.
Hear Linda speak of one language experience in Florence at the July 2010 ToscanaIN event:

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