Issue 274, January 2021 – We Saw The Stars Again



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  • Editor’s letter: Seeing the stars again / Helen Farrell
  • Letter to the editor
  • A new priest at St. James
  • Hall of Maps at the Palazzo Vecchio
  • 700 Dante
  • 2021 The year ahead
  • Interview with Dario Nardella, mayor of Florence / Helen Farrell
  • Best events this January / Jane Farrell
  • Online community events
  • Lessons learned and lessons pending / Europass Teacher Academy
  • The Promise of Florence: Valentine’s Day Gifts / David Bach and Alatia Bradley Bach
  • The Tuscany you don’t know
  • Vermouth from Tuscany / Helen Farrell
  • Annalena everywhere / Dawn Cumming
  • Asking the right questions with Rebecca Olsen / Jane Farrell
  • Life in Staten Island did not prove easy for Florentine Antonio Meucci / Christine Contrada
  • Interview with Nirav Tolia / Helen Farrell
  • Chef Andrea Perini’s “raw passion”
  • Editor’s picks: food heroes
  • In mourning for her city / Hershey Felder
  • Classified Ads
  • The final say: Felix Le Monnier / Deirdre Pirro

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