Florence is family 2020


Special thematized articles from the February 2020 issue of The Florentine

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Family takes many forms. Whichever one it is that you feel part of, the abiding love is what defines it: equally with our beloved Florence. Many of us were quick to hop on planes, eagerly anticipating the open arms of the Renaissance city enveloping us and making us one of her own, sure to find the embrace one imagines of a city nestled in its valley, hugged by the hills cuddling it so tenderly. I certainly envisaged it as such when choosing to raise my own family here, and I haven’t been proven wrong yet. There is a strength in this community that amazes me. The family-like support and championing that one would hope for.



  • Sunday Morning Monody (poem) by Harry Cochrane
  • Lift your spirits by Joanne Higgins
  • Family resourses in Florence by Jane Farrell
  • Moving your family to Italy by Avv. Michele Capecchi
  • Centenarians of Tuscany (photo story) by Giuseppe Della Maria
  • The Fiumi family by Jane Farrell
  • On Lorenza Mazzetti and remembering Einstein by Brett Lalonde
  • Quakers in Florence by Mary Gray
  • “Why do you have two moms?” by Vincenzo D’Angelo
  • Vietnam to Tuscany by Helen Farrell
  • (Our) family friendly Florence + Places to play by Daisy Diaz
  • The Scent of Beauty (fiction) by Giovanni Giusti, illustrations by Danielle Richards
  • Quakers in Florence by Mary Gray
  • Edgar Degas and his Italian family” by Deirdre Pirro



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