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ITALIAN LITERATURE IN TRANSLATION: read contemporary Italian authors in English.
TheFLR The Florentine Literary Review is a new magazine from The Florentine is the Italy’s only bilingual literary review featuring six original short stories and two poems penned by contemporary Italian authors, lovingly translated into English and illustrated by an emerging artist.
TheFLR The Florentine Literary Review è un magazine letterario in italiano e inglese edito da The Florentine che raccoglie sei racconti inediti e due poesie di autori italiani contemporanei, illustrati da un’artista emergente.

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TheFLR The Florentine Literary Review is a new magazine from The Florentine featuring engaging and entertaining short stories, plus two collectible poems. Tales and verses by Italian authors will be published for the first time alongside the finest English translations. A further layer of interpretation will be provided by the illustrations commissioned for each issue from a contemporary artist.



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Paesaggio / Landscape
When discussing a landscape, it’s not necessarily required that we contemplate (or, least of all, appreciate) someplace entirely separate from us; introspective perspective is as much a part of a landscape as dazzling views themselves are. In our case, the particular landscape we’re concerned with is Italy, which further complicates matters: for Italians, landscapes mean both patrimony and fragility, an inheritance to be cared for as well as a looming threat of environmental and historical disfigurement.
The landscape therefore becomes emblematic of the dream of being freed from the tower – or, better put, the necessity of living in it in a different kind of way. It’s perhaps for this reason that a shared idea emerges from these texts: one of knocking down the narrow restrictions we place on personal and cultural identity, of re-arranging them, of using them to make a utopian (or dystopian), ruddy, terrible, giant room with ephemeral walls


GIUSI MARCHETTA  Arturo / Arturo⁺
GIAMPAOLO SIMI  The Beach House / La casa delle vacanze
RUSKA JORJOLIANI  Pitch Dark / Nel fitto buio °
AZZURRA D’AGOSTINO  Fractures / Fratture
ANDREA INGLESE  The Big Room / Lo stanzone
CARMEN PELLEGRINO  What is left / Ciò che resta⁺
SIMONA BALDANZI  Processing / Accettazione
FRANCESCO TARGHETTA  Tiziano among all the banners / Tiziano tra le bandiere
Translations by Johanna Bishop, Frederika Randall°, Jamie Richards⁺
Illustrations by Franz Lang



Issue 4 will be released on October 2018 thanks to the support of:
Comune di San Gimignano
FAI – Casa e Torre Campatelli, San Gimignano
Gonzaga University in Florence
ISI Florence – International Studies Institute

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