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ITALIAN LITERATURE IN TRANSLATION: read contemporary Italian authors in English.
TheFLR The Florentine Literary Review is a new magazine from The Florentine is the Italy’s only bilingual literary review featuring six original short stories and two poems penned by contemporary Italian authors, lovingly translated into English and illustrated by an emerging artist.
TheFLR The Florentine Literary Review è un magazine letterario in italiano e inglese edito da The Florentine che raccoglie sei racconti inediti e due poesie di autori italiani contemporanei, illustrati da un’artista emergente.

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TheFLR The Florentine Literary Review is a new magazine from The Florentine featuring six engaging and entertaining short stories, plus two collectible poems. Tales and verses by Italian authors will be published for the first time alongside the finest English translations. A further layer of interpretation will be provided by the illustrations commissioned for each issue from a contemporary artist.

Issue 5 details


Fake / Fake
FAKE: or rather, artfully counterfeited. We usually associate this word with a forgery that’s easy to unearth. Very often, however, we set out on a long journey based on news, information, lives and relationships, only to find out that there’s deception, some convincing deception at the end. Like in a novel.
Aesthetics and ethics both find a home in FAKE, which sidesteps or oversteps the pure true/false dichotomy due to its very nature. What stands in contrast to the counterfeited? The natural? The authentic? The pure?


PAOLO DI PAOLO China Illustrata / Cina Illustrata +
ROSSELLA MILONE Where was I, Then? / Dov’ero, io? +
EMMANUELA CARBÉ Water on Mars / Acqua su Marte
GIULIA NICCOLAI Untitled / Senza titolo
MARY B. TOLUSSO Fake Muse / Fake Muse
ITALO TESTA Hotel Palenque / Hotel Palenque
FRANCESCO PERMUNIAN The False Note I and II / La falsa nota I e II
GREGORIO MAGINI  Living Room / Salotto
MIRCO RONCORONI Orchid / Orchidea
EZIO SINIGAGLIA The Piece / La Pièce +

Translations by Johanna Bishop and Jamie Richards⁺
Illustrations by Luogo Comune

Issue 5 was released thanks to the support of
Gonzaga University in Florence
ISI Florence – International Studies Institute



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