Colours of Wine 2019


Special thematized articles from the April 2019 issue of The Florentine

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“There’s truth in wine” goes the Latin phrase to intimate that those under the influence of alcohol are more likely to voice their most innermost thoughts. It’s a refrain in Erasmus’ Adagia and Pliny the Elder’s Naturalis historia, although Shakespeare wasn’t in agreement as Rosalind famously declares in As You Like It: I pray you, do not fall in love with me / For I am falser than vows made in wine. Read about wine references in the Bard’s works on Winespeare by Kate Karpinski.
But it’s truth in the wine world that we seek in this April issue of The Florentine. Winemaker Bibi Graetz waxes lyrical about his move from Vincigliata Castle to Fiesole’s piazza Mino; super sommelier Filippo Bartolotta pores over personality types and their preferred labels ; and Alexandra Korey drinks in the wine at Florence’s Last Suppers.
Agronomists explain about the effects of climate change in Tuscany’s vineyards, the region’s top label designers detail their process and three Florence-based wine experts chat about their personal and professional stories.
We venture to mystical Monte Amiata, discovering how farmers are reaping the rewards for their earnest approach to viticulture, as well as visiting the Arezzo area to learn about the producers holding true to the tenets of natural wine.
Sincere thanks to everyone who contributed to making this Wine Issue possible, our humble tribute to Tuscan winemaking. Cin cin!
Helen Farrell, editor-in-chief


  •  A dry future? by Phoebe Owtson
  • What a reputation! by Marco Badiani
  • Wine: a special relationship in partnership with U.S. Consulate General Florence
  • L’Italienne: Catherine de’ Medici by Deirdre Pirro
  • An urban winery in utero by Helen Farrell
  • VAT by Kate Karpinski
  • What’s your tipple? by Filippo Bartolotta
  • Winespertise: interview with Coral Sisk, Aldo Fiordelli, Angela Saltafuori by Helen Farrell
  • Carmela Batacchi by Mary Gray
  • Winespeare by Kate Karpinski
  • What’s in a label? by Samantha Vaughn
  • Think spring. Chef Nicola Chiappi changes up the menu with seasonal savoir-faire
  • A taste of Ruffino: the fiasco
  • Last Suppers and the pre-modern sommelier by Alexandra Korey
  • Cooking in Florence
  • Salcheto: a sustainable winery in Montepulciano
  • Torre a Cona: a dreamy wine estate in the Florentine hills
  • Montecucco: mystical and magnificent by Emily O’Hare
  • Castlying at Potentino by Helen Farrell
  • Arezzo: untrending wine by Tom Riby
  • Bolgheri: coastal cycling



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