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Up at the Villa (April 14 2013)

On Sunday,  April 14 – 4.30pm, spend an afternoon in Fiesole spotlighting women artists past and present. Associazione Culturale Il Palmerino’s presentation of Art by Women in Florence: A Guide through Five Hundred Years with authors Jane Fortune and Linda Falcone is the kick-off event for the weeklong exhibition contemporary art exhibition: Coincidenze. (April 14 to 21) featuring four of Il Palmerino’s resident women artists: Karine Falleni, Rea Stavropoulos, Caterina Margherita and Lorraine Thorne. The inaugural event will begin on Sunday, April 14 at 4.30 and include a discussion of multiple recently restored works by women artists in Florence’s museums and churches and the efforts of the Advancing Women Artists Foundation to research, safeguard and exhibit this undiscovered art to the general public.

The exhibition ‘Coincidenze’ features the Florentine works of these four ‘nomadic’ artists, is an offshoot of this year’s theme at Il Palmerino: ‘City of Exile, City of Welcome’, a program calendar which explores Florence’s multicultural identity. These internationally renowned women artists have lived and worked in multiple countries (Greece, Spain, England, USA, Italy) and they explore various themes using different mediums (charcoal, watercolor, graphite, tempera and string), drawing on their multi-cultural experiences. French born artist Karine Falleni explores movement and possibilities of motion as markings leave canvas or paper to travel along a wall through a room. English-born artist Caterina Margherita creates site specific installations and cinema set designs including sets for Wim Wenders The Palermo Shooting. Greek-born Rea Stavropoulos explores the multi-faceted female identity through mythology, archetypes and reflections of modernity. British artist Lorraine Thorne uses abstracted images that are reminiscent of landscape and explores color as a spirtual experience.
Art by Women in Florence: A Guide through Five Hundred Years
April 14, 4.30pm
Villa Il Palmerino
Via del Palmerino 10, Florence
Event details
Coincidenze: Artiste in residenza  –  Exhibition April 14 to 21
Admission is free. For reservations and exhibition hours call: 3398944725 or write to [email protected]

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