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Classified ad options


Free and paid categories

Please choose the appropriate category for your ad. Paid categories will be calculated and billed for at the bottom of this form.


Online or on paper

Choose to publish your classified ad in the paper edition, online or both. Your classified ad will be published on the web immediately upon payment. If you choose the paper publication as well, it will be printed in the next paper edition (usually first week of each month). Free categories cannot go in the newspaper but are online only.


Once or long-term

Choose if you wish to continue your visibility long-term. Free classified ads can only be placed once.

Approval process

Classified ads submitted through this website are subject to approval by The Florentine. Ads for illegal activity, including escort services, will not be published. If your ad is not approved, your payment will be refunded, minus any PayPal or banking fees.

The Florentine reserves the right to edit classified ads that are printed in the newspaper for English language correctness and clarity. Ads will be published by default in ENGLISH ONLY.

If you wish to insert your ad in Italian, you may choose the paid option to have your ad professionally translated from Italian to English (5€). If you wish to publish the ad in Italian, please write to us to let us know, otherwise it will be translated.

Classified Ad Categories & Costs


Free categories: rules

Free categories are: personal ads, listings placed by non profits (such as charity markets, church event, associations etc.), jobs wanted (looking for work, but NOT offering specific lessons). Free categories are ONLINE ONLY. You may place one free ad at a time for 15 days.


Paid categories: costs

An online classified ad costs 10€ for 15 days, and 15€ for 30 days. Ad length is a 40 character title, and 250 characters (spaces included) body text + contact info + one free photo online. Additional characters in the body text cost €0.08 per character.

In addition to this base cost, there are options for length of time and greater visibility, as follows:

  • Time: 15 days, €10 / 30 days, €15 / 60 days, €25 / 90 days, €35 / 180 days, €60 / 365 days, €120
  • Highlighted ad: €10
  • Photos from 2-10 (first photo free): €5
  • Traduzione professionale da Italiano a Inglese: €5
  • Add cost per issue in print edition:  €15 (1-2 issues);  €10 (3-6 issues); €5 (7-12 issues).
  • Outlined ad: €10
  • Printing 1 horizontally-oriented photo: €20

*Ads will be published immediately online. Requests to be published on paper must be received 10 days before issue publication date (see list here), or will go in the following issue.



To include a display ad within your classified on paper please download the price list (in Italian).
Dowload a sample copy of The Florentine classified ads pages.

Notes on format and insertion

LINKS: web links are NOT active in classified ads. If you are placing a classified ad with intentions to position your website for SEO purposes, we suggest taking out a sponsored article. Please contact Giacomo at the address at the bottom of this page

EMAIL ADDRESSES: email addresses are written out in full but do not contain activated links in the hopes of diminishing spam

PHOTO SIZE: If you are inserting a photo with your classified (and we suggest you do, it's very effective!), our site is designed to work with horizontally oriented photos, ideally sized to 600 by 420 pixels (at 72 dpi). Vertical or other sized photos will display with grey bands around them, and vertical photos will be centrally cropped on the ad preview page.

Payment methods

Credit card via Paypal

This is the default payment method if you complete the submission of this online form. It ensures both security and speed. Paypal accepts Visa and Mastercard and you do not have to open an account to make the payment.

Bank Transfer (Italy only)

If you select Bank Transfer (bonifico) at the end of the checkout process, your classified ad will be placed on hold until we receive confirmation of payment by email. Please include the transaction number in the “notes” field of the bank transfer.

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Terms & conditions

The Florentine offers a service by providing classified ads, and does not receive any form of commission from the services offered. It is not responsible for the quality or accuracy of these classified ads, nor for the direct or indirect consequences which may derive from said correspondence. The Florentine reserves the right to refuse or suspend publication of any classified ad.
The Florentine will publish personal and/or sensitive information, in accordance with laws D.Lgs.196/2003, only after receiving direct and specific consent from the interested party. By submitting your contact information and giving authorization to publish it online or in the newspaper, The Florentine declines all responsibility for abuse of this data by third parties. Read our Privacy policy.


For ads longer than 500 characters, online banner ads or paper display ads in The Florentine
please call (+39) 055 709 3760 or email [email protected] and speak to Giacomo about Advertising with The Florentine.